Friday, May 11, 2018

Page 1740

Had that crater been there the whole time? Germal wasn’t sure. It was so difficult to pay attention--or even concentrate, for that matter--but he did his best.

“You are sure?” said Gohvis. “It is not like you to give up.”

“I have exhausted all of our current leads,” said Dozer. “This region is too large, and it could be buried in the earth for all we know.

You don’t have to answer this if you wish,’ said Nero, ‘but what are you hoping to find in this place?

A most ancient power,’ said Engomat.

Ah,’ said Nero. ‘Can you not be more specific?

I am afraid not, no.’

I see.


Germal suddenly had to wonder if the invisible fishing line might be related to whatever it was they were looking for. That might make a degree of sense. Maybe he should tell them about it. Yeah, that might be a good idea, he decided.

He passed out, instead, and toppled backwards off Gohvis’ shoulder.


...162 years ago...

The stench of human waste and rotting flesh was difficult to get used to, but somehow, Damian had managed it. Not that he’d had much choice. Being stuck in this cell with Feromas for the last month had made it something of a priority.

He scratched his nose, then his chin.

Oh, hey. Facial hair. He’d finally started growing some. He stood and checked himself out in a cracked mirror over a black-stained sink. Yeah. It wasn’t very noticeable yet, but it was there.

You look pleased with yourself,’ said Feromas.

“I am,” said Damian, admiring the little hairs.

I doubt you’ll be that way when you have to cut it every morning just so you won’t look like a slovenly drunkard. Lofar men are exceptionally hairy.’

Damian wasn’t going to let the reaper spoil his good mood, though. It was a rare enough occurrence for him, already.

I’m sure today will be the day,’ said Feromas.

Damian just gave the reaper a look. He knew that Feromas was talking about when they would be released from this horrific place, because the reaper had said the exact same thing every day for the last three weeks. Or close to it, anyway. Without any sunlight to go by, the days had started to blur together.

I’m telling you,’ the reaper said privately, ‘the plan will work. It is only a matter of time until Bool gets word of our presence here.

Bool was the reaper of Morgunov, according to Feromas, though Damian was beginning to have his doubts about even that information now. ‘Maybe he already knows we’re here and doesn’t care,’ said Damian.

Nonsense. Abolish doesn’t keep prisoners for no reason. If Bool knew we were here, we would either be released or killed.

That’s not comforting.

The truth often isn’t. The only reason they took us prisoner in the first place was because they were worried our story might not be complete twaddle.

...And it’s NOT complete twaddle, right?

Of course it isn’t! I’m telling you, I know Bool!

This past month would seem to suggest otherwise...

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