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Hector very much wanted to stand up and start moving toward the exit, but he refrained. Now that he had Roman in hand, his only real objective had been achieved, but the danger was still far from passed, Hector knew. If Leo got it into his head that Hector was scared or lying or anything other than everything he’d thus far claimed to be, then this could all come crumbling down in a matter of seconds.

“...In order to be sure that you won’t hurt anyone,” said Hector, “I’ll need you to bring your reaper to me.”

Leo opened his mouth, then shut it again and looked down at the floor.

It was a big ask. Would he refuse? Hector kind of hoped he would. If Leo decided that it was too much of a risk and they simply parted ways here on amicable terms with maybe the potential for a future working relationship... well, Hector couldn’t imagine a more ideal outcome to the current circumstances.

“...Is that really necessary, man?” said Leo.

“Yes,” said Hector firmly. C’mon. Refuse. Refuse, dammmit.

“But how do I know you won’t just kill him?” said Leo.

“Well... You don’t. That’s what makes it a demonstration of trust.”

Leo sighed. “...Okay, I’ll bring him to you.”

Fuck, really?! Man, this guy must have been even more desperate than Hector thought. He’d thought that with all the initial hostility that Leo had shown, the guy would’ve been much less agreeable now.

But, okay. This was fine. He could still make this work.



“Will you at least give me your word that you won’t kill him?” said Leo.

Hector had to stop himself from sighing. “Of course.”

“What’ll you do with him? Besides, y’know, keep him prisoner.”

“Ah... I will... get to know him.”

“That it?”

“...Is that not enough?”

“No, it’s just--well, I thought you might try to persuade him to forgive me ‘r somethin’, y’know?”

Ah. Hmm. “I might do that. If it seems possible.”

“Don’t think it will be, just so you know. Ericoros is beyond stubborn. And to be honest, I dunno if I’ll ever be able to trust him again, either. Reapers tend to tell you what you wanna hear.”

“...Yeah, I know,” said Hector.

“Ah--‘course ya do. My bad. Didn’t mean any offense.”

An apology now? Geez, this guy was all over the place. “It’s fine.”

“So, uh... I, um... I got another question, if ya don’t mind answerin’.”

Hector wasn’t sure why he was bothering to preface it. “Then ask.”

“What sort of, um... aha... er... how do I put this...? Ah...”

Hector cocked an eyebrow inside his helmet as he waited.

“Y’see, I was just wondering what kind of... work you do. And, y’know, whether or not you might have any... for me to do.”

Hector blinked. Work? This guy wanted to work? “I... thought you just wanted my protection.”

“Yeah, I mean, I do, but, it’s just--I mean, you seem like you--ah--kinda know what you’re, uh--like, you’ve got your stuff ‘n whatnot--and, er, y’know what I’m sayin’?”

“...I don’t, actually. I don’t think that was a complete sentence, either.”

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