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Page 1795 -- CXC.

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Chapter One Hundred Ninety: ‘O, respectable reunion...’
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The meetings with the Rainlords ended up taking most of the day. He mainly just told them exactly what he had told Horatio about there being no need for financial reimbursement, and as expected, each family required a similar degree of convincing.

House Elroy was the worst in that regard. Hector wasn’t exactly surprised about that, though. By the end of it, Zeff ended up making Hector promise to train with him everyday from now on. Hector didn’t know if he would actually have the time for that, but he was more than happy to try, at least. Training was important, after all.

Perhaps more than ever, now.

If nothing else, however, Hector was at least glad to see that Zeff had finally managed to get some proper rest. Everyone was still looking pretty battered and worn out, but for the first time in what felt like a very long time, Hector had hope that that might actually begin to change soon.

He had less hope for himself, however. With so much to do, so many things to worry about, he wondered if he would ever be able to find time to sleep again.

At the moment, odds weren’t looking too good.

Around dinner time, he was finally able to sit down and talk to Roman, Gina, and Voreese.

Thankfully, this meeting didn’t feel quite so redundant or formal. It was arguably the most important one of the day, though, Hector knew.

He wasn’t at all sure how to broach the subject of a loan. He certainly would’ve preferred to not broach it at all.

Okay, boys, it’s time to fess up,’ said Voreese. ‘How in the name of all that is sacred did you two manage to get yourselves mixed up with a bunch of fucking Rainlords? Not that I don’t absolutely adore them all, of course, in case any of them happen to be overhearing our conversation, right now.

“That’s an easy question,” said Hector. “Garovel’s sister got mixed up with them first.”

What?! Garovel, you’ve got yourself a living sister?!


Well, where the hell is she, then, huh? You know I’ve gotta meet her, right?!

Sadly, she and her servant ended up separated from us.


We’re not sure of her whereabouts, at the moment.

Well, that seriously bites. You got my hopes up, dammit.

Her name’s Chergoa, in case you somehow happen to cross paths with her before we do.

Oh, I doubt that’ll happen. Roman and I intend to never leave you guys alone again. Isn’t that right, Roman?

Roman seemed more interested in his ricotta-filled lasagna than anything else.

Hector didn’t blame him. It was damn good. But of course, everything Gina made seemed to turn out that way.

Stop ignoring me, you son of a bitch.


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