Monday, May 28, 2018

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She agreed with as courteous a smile as she could muster, of course, and observed the two men step away from her for a minute.

Okay, yeah, Dimas was definitely some sort of big shot around here, she figured. What to do with that information, she wasn’t quite sure. It wouldn’t have really mattered to her if he was flat broke and utterly unremarkable in everyone else’s eyes--in fact, she might have even preferred that, because then she would’ve had him all to herself. And she certainly didn’t need any more money. Sure, she didn’t currently have very good access to that money, but that problem would likely change soon.


She gave the men their space, nonetheless, putting her hands together behind her back and turning around to take in the view of the enormous underground courtyard another time.

It was quite something, she supposed, though it maybe wasn’t as romantic as she would have personally preferred. The amber lamps were a nice touch, though if it was up to her, there would be about two dozen more of them scattered up and down each tower--perhaps even hanging from that distant ceiling. There was obviously a ton of open space here, but so much of it remained in darkness that it didn’t look nearly as spacious as it could have, she thought.

An interior decorator on the payroll would not be a waste of money, she felt; but at the same time, wow, such a person would definitely have their work cut out for them. More light would be a good first step, but it would take a lot more than that to make this place not look like a haunted ruin. Some greenery would probably be a big improvement, too, but she wondered if anything would even be able to grow down here. Maybe some artificial plants would fit the bill, instead. They could practically fit a whole fake forest down here, if they wanted, though that would obviously be pretty weird.

She was far from an expert on these things, however. While decorating had been a passion of hers ever since she was a little girl, she had never actually owned her own place for long enough to really get invested in it. Her acting career had taken over her life for the last several years, so her love for interior design had mostly been relegated to watching home makeover shows on television and ogling pictures of pretty houses on the internet.

Maybe Valerie Reinbach would be able to do something with this place. On her show, Reinbach Renovations, she made it look like she could beautify just about any location in the world. In fact, now that she was thinking about it, Madison was pretty sure there was an episode where Valerie restored an old, ruined castle for an Ardoran prince or something.

Madison wouldn’t mind meeting her, one day--assuming she ever managed to make it back out into the world, that was.

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