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It was strange to imagine how long ago this bathroom must have been built. Due to those few additions, it looked fairly modern, apart from perhaps the bathtub, which was embedded in the floor and could’ve doubled as a small pool.

Is there any other news about the Sandlords?’ said Hector as he scrubbed his back. He quite appreciated the scent of soap. It was a welcome change from all the awful stenches that he was getting used to smelling. ‘Like, er, how they’re dealing with the Vanguard or whatever?

No,’ said Garovel from the other room, ‘but it’s a safe bet that the Vanguard is working closely with them, regardless. Lamont had just arrived in Sair when we left, and that guy doesn’t have a reputation for leaving things half done. With the Salesman’s frozen head in the Sandlords’ possession, I’m sure the Vanguard will be wanting to keep a very close eye on everything that’s going on in Sair, right now.

Hmm. Do you think the Vanguard is pressuring the Sandlords into taking over the Rainlords’ territory?

It’s possible, but I’m not sure how much extra motivation the Sandlords would need. I mean, they’re already gaining land while simultaneously preventing a humanitarian crisis. It’s kind of a win-win, y’know? On paper, at least. Who the hell knows how it’ll all shake out in the long-term?

That was a good question, Hector thought. He didn’t imagine that the Rainlords would be content to stay here in Atreya forever. Eventually, they would want to go take their home back, and if the Sandlords didn’t want to give it up, then how were they going to avoid bloodshed?

There’s also some other other big news,’ said Garovel. ‘Big and significantly worse news, that is.

Great. What is it?

Well, it’s not relevant to us at all, but it’s pretty awful just the same.

Tell me.

Remember the civil war going on in Kavia?

Uh... kinda?

It’s over now--which, I guess is good--but the problem is, the side that won was supported by Abolish.

Oh. The Vanguard lost there?

Yeah. A few of their rising stars were killed, apparently. None of the marshals, at least, but it’s still a pretty big defeat.

Hmm. Who’s the, uh... I mean, who from Abolish is the victory being, er, attributed to?

That would be Jercash, the Devil’s Knife.

Ugh. What a nice nickname...

It wasn’t just him, though. There’s also word going around of someone else from Abolish who made a big impact there. Someone new. Someone who’s now being called the Bolt of Kavia.

That made Hector pause. ‘Bolt? As in... lightning bolt?

Dunno. Details are scarce. I thought it was interesting, though.

...You really think Karkash is making a name for himself out there?

Wouldn’t surprise me,’ said Garovel. ‘Power like that is pretty damn versatile. Not to mention deadly. And we witnessed him achieve emergence, you may recall.

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