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Monty bowed his head as the man stepped closer, and Parson did the same.

“Ah!” said Sermung with the sound of sudden recognition. “Overra! I didn’t even realize that was you there!”

Hello, Sermung,’ she said. ‘And Tenebrach.

“It is wonderful to see you again,” said Sermung. “How many years has it been?”

Eighty-three,’ said Tenebrach. ‘I only realized you had rejoined the Vanguard after reading your servant’s file the other day. Why did you not send word of your return earlier? We would have welcomed you personally.

I knew how busy you would be,’ said Overra. ‘I wanted to earn an audience with you on my own merits. Or rather, those of my chosen servant. Though, I must admit, I did not expect it to happen this soon.

Sermung laughed mildly. “Does that mean that this strapping young lad here is the ‘hope of the future’ that you once promised to find?”

At that, Parson couldn’t help raising his head. The Crystal Titan’s smile was as warm as any Parson had ever seen.

Hmph,’ said Overra. ‘I know you are being sarcastic, but as a matter of fact, yes, he is. He has a long way to go yet, but I believe he has the aptitude for the task, burdensome though it may be.

Sermung’s smile only seemed to widen, and he offered the boy a handshake. “What is your name?”

Tenebrach answered for him, however. ‘It’s Parson Miles. Didn’t you read his file? Oh, nevermind, of course you didn’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been surprised to see Overra here.

Sermung’s smile flattened somewhat, and he looked at his reaper. “I would appreciate it if you didn’t attempt to undermine my authority in front of my men. I doubt it does much for their morale.”

Yes, well, I would appreciate it if you didn’t say such obviously stupid things in front of your men, but I guess we’re both destined to live in disappointment.

Sermung returned to Parson with a taut grin. “In any case, I shan’t forget your name again.”

You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep,’ said Tenebrach.

“I’ll keep it,” said Sermung. “Just you wait and see.”

More likely, I’ll have to keep it for you in secret.

“As if I could trust you not to rat me out at every opportunity.” Sermung kept Parson’s gaze and shook his head. “Learn well, young one. A reaper is only trustworthy when it matters most. Which is good, of course, but be wary that all other times, they will gleefully betray you.”

Please do not teach Parson any of your strange lessons,’ said Overra, though she was tittering.

Yes,’ said Tenebrach. ‘Do not be fooled, young Parson. Though he is quite old, this man is severely lacking in the wisdom that would normally come with age.

Sermung turned to Monty for help. “I speak nothing but the truth, no?”

Monty held up both hands and said nothing.

“Tch. Suddenly, I’m not so sure you deserve a medal for your bravery.”

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