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I’m not sure those go with the rest of your outfit,’ said Garovel.

He stopped. ‘Wha? You told me to wear all this shit.

Yeah, but I didn’t know you were gonna choose work boots. And brown? There are some wingtips in your closet, I think. Try those.

Hector didn’t want to stand up yet. ‘What’s a wingtip?

It’s a--look, just go to the closet and I’ll point ‘em out, okay?

Reluctantly, Hector did as he was bid. In the end, he preferred the work boots. They were more comfortable, perhaps because they were already broken in.

Yeah, see, isn’t that better?’ said Garovel as Hector was grabbing the Scarf of Amordiin and wrapping it around his neck. ‘Now you’re starting to look a little more lordly. You sure do like the color black, don’t you?

Hector finally left the room. ‘Again, you told me to wear all this.

You’re kinda blending into the nightrock now. Maybe you should go back and change.

Go fuck yourself.

Garovel chortled. ‘That foul mouth isn’t very becoming of a lord, you know.

You swear just as much as I do. If not more.

Hmm, are you saying you want to be like me?

Hector stopped at the top of the stairs and gave the reaper a look. ‘Okay, good point.

Garovel just laughed as they descended together. The kitchen was on the bottom floor, and all the floors along the way were filled with Rainlords, many of whom were sleeping. It seemed like all the heads of the Houses and their immediate families were here in the Tower of Night with him.

Strange. Maybe he’d just been too tired to notice, but he was pretty sure that they hadn’t been here before he’d gone to sleep.

He gained considerable attention as he made his way down the tower. Many of the non-servants decided to come greet and subsequently join him. By the time he made it down to the fourth floor, he’d acquired an entourage that was at least a dozen strong, mostly consisting of people his own age or younger.

They weren’t shy with their questions, either.

“Lord Darksteel, ensir, could you show us some of your moves?”

“What was the Salesman like? Was he scary?”

“I heard he was super yellow.”


“Hey, could you make Seth’s head explode?”

“Don’t ask him that! I like my head!”

“Lord Darksteel, ensir, is it true that you made everyone bend the knee?”

“Did you really meet a god?”

“Lord Darksteel, ensir, how long have you been a servant for?”

Hector wanted to just run away, but he was still hungry. ‘Garovel, please help...

Ask them if they need something to do.’


Tell them there’s plenty of work around here that needs tending to, and since they’ve apparently got all this time to spare, it would be useful if they pitched in.

Seems a little rude, Garovel...

Yeah, they’re being rude, too. And we DO have a shitload of work that needs taking care of.

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