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Whatever,’ said Garovel. ‘My point still stands. Young people need things to keep them busy. All the better if it involves physical activity. I have little doubt in my mind that they will go absolutely stir crazy in this place if we don’t find things for them to do. Their parents have taken all their phones away from them, you know.

That was news to Hector. “They have?”

Oh yeah. Can’t have the kids accidentally giving away their location. The Vanguard has quite a strong online presence, apparently.

Suddenly, Hector felt significantly more sympathy for those children.

“They will adapt,” said Dimas. “They might even be better off.”

Amen to that,’ said Garovel.

Hector wasn’t so sure he agreed. That might’ve been the age difference here rearing its head, though. As his hunger compelled him toward the kitchen again, he found himself wanting to ask Dimas about something else. “By the way, uh, h-how are the Elroys doing? Do you know? I just woke up, so I haven’t seen them yet.”

Dimas followed. “Considering the circumstances, I would say they are doing well, if a bit restless.”

“Restless?” said Hector, frowning a little. “They just got here. Can’t they just take it easy for a while?”

“They are trying,” said Dimas. “As are we all.”

There was a square-faced man and a bespectacled woman in the kitchen, apparently in the middle of cooking something. They were both non-servants, Hector was fairly sure, though he was struggling to put names to their faces.

When they noticed Hector and Dimas there, they each stopped to wipe their hands on their aprons.

“Lords,” said the man with a nod. “Are you hungry? Can we prepare something for you?”

“Ah--we hope you don’t mind our imposition,” said the woman, sounding somewhat nervous.

“The Lady Carthrace gave us permission to use the facilities here,” said the man hastily. “And not just us. There are probably three or four cooks from every family she granted access to, so I hope--” He kept talking, but Garovel’s private words echoed over him in Hector’s head.

Ask them their names. And shake their hands.

Ah. Hector appreciated the instructions, honestly. “...What are your names?” he said, extending a hand.

“Oh.” The man took the hand and shook it. “I am Lluis Delaguna, and this lovely creature is my wife, Margot.”

“We cannot thank you enough for all you are doing for us,” said Margot.

Hector was a bit reluctant to shake the woman’s hand, but he didn’t let it show, figuring it would only lead to a misunderstanding. “It’s... a pleasure to meet you both,” he said.

They were a middle-aged couple, by the look of them, and judging from all the stains on their aprons, they must have been at this for a while now.

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