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“Of course,” Amelia continued, “the domestic banks could use money which they do not technically own in order to start buying up the debt, but that would be incredibly ill-advised--and indeed, illegal. For good reason, might I add. Such practices are extremely dangerous and could potentially make matters significantly worse than they already are.

“However, I am digressing. The point is that domestic banks will, in all likelihood, simply be unable to ‘pick up the slack,’ so to speak, which means that foreign banks will. Either them, or foreign companies which specialize in this sort of thing. Regardless, the reason this is bad is because it presents an extreme threat to the economic independence of the nation. Foreign powers would likely be able to develop more influence over our country than even the Queen herself possesses.”


“She understands this as well, because I--and no doubt others--have advised her on it. But the Queen is also in a very difficult position right now. In order to prevent this from coming to pass, she has to hold back the tide of foreign influence with very little support from the people. As I said before, this debt buyout can be considered mostly good. All of the currently bankrupt citizens of Atreya will want that foreign influence. And justifiably so.”

“O-okay,” said Hector, holding up a hand. “This is all... really complicated, and I think I understand, but, uh... I mean... what do you want me to do about it? Are you seriously suggesting that I buy up all the debt? Because, er...?”

“Well... yes and no,” said Amelia. “Frankly speaking, you don’t have enough money for that. Even your billionaire friend, Roman Fullister, doesn’t have enough money--though, that is mostly because his assets are tied up in about a million different ways.”

“Whoa, how do you know that?”

She couldn’t help smiling a little. “Money is my life, Lord Goffe. And I have made many like-minded friends over the course of it.”

Hector didn’t look entirely satisfied by that answer, but he didn’t press her further on it. Instead, he returned to his previous question. “So... if I can’t buy the debt, then what are you asking of me?”

It was time to lay all her cards on the table, she supposed. “I feel that there is still considerably more that I should explain, but... if you would like to cut right to the heart of the matter first, then, well... put simply, I would like to open a bank in your name.”

Hector just sat there for a moment, blinking at her. He opened his mouth but no words came out. Then he leaned back in his chair, folded his arms, and took a long, deep breath.


That was not quite the reaction that she had been expecting. Though, if she thought about it, she wasn’t entirely sure what a more appropriate response would have been.

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