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Hector opened his eyes again, and everyone was staring at the figurine now. “There,” he said. “I’ve just placed a knight that looks like this somewhere in Warrenhold. The first one who brings it back to me... I’ll answer your question.”

His audience remained entirely silent and started looking at one another.

Uh-oh. Had he upset them? “...Does that sound good?” said Hector, trying not to sound as uncertain as he felt.

The kid with the bowl cut darted past Hector and out the front door of the tower. Within seconds, everyone else was running after him, and the clamor of stomping feet filled the air. Only Dimas and Iziol remained behind, watching the mayhem unfold.

Hector scratched his cheek as the last of them scrambled out the door. He’d been intending to give them a hint, thinking that it might be unfair if they thought they had to search every room--and maybe a little obnoxious for everyone who was still trying to rest.

“...I didn’t think they would all just shoot off like that,” said Hector.

Rainlord youth can be a terrifying thing,’ said Iziol with a sigh. ‘I suppose I will go keep an eye on them.’ And he phased through the wall leading out into Warrenhold’s main cavern.

“...Maybe we should’ve put more thought into this,” said Hector.

Eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine,’ said Garovel. ‘This place could do with a bit of livening up.

Hector just gave the reaper a dubious look.

Don’t you remember what that pediatrician told us about child development?’ said Garovel. ‘Kids need engagement. They need to have their minds stimulated, and games are a great way to achieve that.

“...Wasn’t he talking about toddlers?” said Hector.

Yeah, but I’d argue that the basic principle holds true for young people, too. Hell, if you think about it, it even holds true for adults. It’s really just the sophistication of the game that changes. It’s the instinct that pushes us to grow. We always want something that we find challenging, right? But not SO challenging that it makes us feel discouraged and incompetent.

That was a little more psychological than Hector cared to think about, right now. He really just wanted something to eat. “If you say so...”

C’mon, I’m right, aren’t I? Back me up here, Dimas.

The Lord Sebolt was just standing there, observing. He looked a bit more rested than the last time Hector had seen him, but that wasn’t saying a whole lot. He was cleanly shaven with combed hair and a fresh suit, but he still had bags under his eyes.

Perhaps that wasn’t so strange, though. Hector seemed to recall the man mentioning something about being an insomniac.

“...I am afraid I do not know much about children,” said Dimas. “I have never been very good with them, myself.”

Well, I’m not talking about just kids,’ said Garovel. ‘And hey, is that really true? Marcos Elroy sure seems to like you.

The reaper certainly had a point there, Hector felt.

“...You may be right,” said Dimas, “but I would not call him a good example of my rapport with children. Marcos is... a strange boy.”

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