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“What the hell is a jabberwock or a tomokooni?” said Damian, still struggling.

Morgunov let him go, and Damian staggered a few steps back toward the rear of the cell. “You are probably better off not knowing. It could be the knowing that attracts them!”

Damian stayed near the far corner and rubbed the sore spot on his arm where the man had grabbed him. What a monstrous grip Morgunov had.

Does Bool know you are here?’ said Feromas.

“He sure doesn’t!” said Morgunov. “And how you answer my next questions will determine whether or not you ever get to see him again! So think carefully, now! Eheh!”

Feromas’ next words were private. ‘Let me do the talking.’

Damian hadn’t been planning otherwise.

Morgunov pointed at Feromas. “First thing first. I’ll start us off with an easy one. Are you planning to betray me?”

No, of course we aren’t,’ said Feromas, apparently unable to conceal his exasperation.

“Yes, that is what I expected you to say,” said Morgunov. “But you see, I’m not sure I believe you, so I’m going to ask that same question one more time. And I want you to be honest now! No lying! Understood?”


“Okay, here we go. You ready?”

...Yes. What are you waiting for?

“Eheh! What, indeed!” Morgunov gestured broadly with his hands again, though this time spent more time on it, as if performing a dance or casting a spell. “And beeeee... truthful!” He slammed his hands against the bars of the cell.

Damian felt an immediate difference. The air was suddenly thicker, more oppressive. Breathing became simultaneously easier and more difficult. It was as if he couldn’t even control his own breath, yet at the same, the air itself seemed more resistant as well.

W-what...?’ said Feromas, apparently able to feel a difference also. ‘What is this?! What are you doing to us?!

“Ya like it? It’s one of my latest tricks!”

I don’t--!

“Shh-shh, no talky unless I say so. Which I do, by the way! I do say so! But not about that. Whatever you were about to say, I’m sure it can wait. The important thing is that you answer my question again. Are you planning to betray me?”

Wha--?! I--! Argh--!

“C’mon, now! Don’t be bashful! Just tell Papa Morgunov the truth! You’ll feel better! I promise!”

Damian could only watch in horror. Words weren’t even forming in his mind, much less from his mouth.

I--! Argh--! Yes!

“Oh? Yes, what?”

Yes... yes, I plan on betraying you...

“Yeah-huh. See? Doesn’t it feel good to come clean?”

I... you... how...?

“Eheh, how, indeed? I’d love to explain, but, well, ya know--you did just admit to being a traitor, so. Don’t have much reason to share my secrets with you, now do I?”

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