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You think he might’ve achieved it again since then?’ said Hector.

It’s definitely possible,’ said Garovel. ‘You’re not the only one in the world going through crazy shit, you know. And you’re definitely not the only one growing, either.

Hector certainly knew that. He eyed the Scarf of Amordiin that he’d set on the counter by the shower. ‘He could’ve gotten his hands on some kind of magical artifact.

Yeah. Or hell, he could’ve met a “god,” too, and received a blessing.

Agh, don’t even joke about that...

What, you don’t like the idea of other “gods” existing out there in the world?

Not really, no.

Heh. Can’t say I’m in love with the idea, either. But weren’t you giving me shit about not wanting gods to exist?

Yeah, that was before we met Malast,’ said Hector.

You’re afraid the other gods might be like him?

I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like he was the worst god ever ‘r anything, but shit...

Well, okay, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about gods being all that prevalent in the world. If they were, then I definitely would’ve heard about them a long time ago.


It makes sense that I wouldn’t know about Malast being real, since his whole deal is apparently just sitting there and doing jack shit all day long, but if the others were real? They would’ve been having a pretty damn big impact on the world.

Yeah, but isn’t that because the Void “rended” them from existence or whatever?


That’s what Malast said, isn’t it? You think he was lying?

I honestly have no fucking clue. A part of me would like to pretend half of that shit we went through in Himmekel never even happened.

It’s not good to ignore reality, Garovel.

Oh, shut up,’ the reaper laughed. ‘I’m not ignoring anything. I’m just expressing my displeasure, okay? I’m still allowed to do that, aren’t I?

As if anything could stop you.’

Hector finished up his shower, wrapped himself in a towel, and then went to the dresser by his bed in order to pick out some clothes. There were more garments inside it than he remembered there being, and he found himself faced with a harder decision in choosing what to wear than he expected.

He’d never been much for fashion, but he supposed walking around Warrenhold in full iron armor wouldn’t be a good idea. He deferred to Garovel’s judgment and went with black trousers and a black waistcoat over a silky gray-and-white undershirt. There were a few ties there as well, and Garovel even tried to show him how to tie one, but after a while of fiddling with it, he grew frustrated and gave up.

You’ll probably wanna figure that out sooner or later,’ said Garovel.

Later’s fine with me,’ said Hector as he pulled on brown work boots and began tying them.

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