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Voreese was apparently unsatisfied by that reaction, however. ‘Hector, do you...? Do you actually not understand how big of a deal that was? I could’ve EASILY ended up separated from Roman for the next twenty years. Or longer, even. If he ended up falling into Sai-hee’s hands, then there really would’ve been no telling when I could’ve gotten him back.

Hector scratched his cheek, not really sure what her point was. “I mean... yeah, of course I understand that. That’s why I went back for him.”

Then why are you so fucking nonchalant about it, huh? Do you know how ridiculously difficult it’s gonna be to repay you for this shit?

He breathed a laugh. “You don’t have to repay me for anything. You guys are... like I was trying to say, you’ve already done so much. It’s not like--”

Okay, enough of that. We don’t need your fucking charity, alright? We will definitely--

“Charity?” interrupted Hector. He was getting a little pissed off now. “What the hell are you talking about? That wasn’t charity. That was just--it was--agh...” What were the right words here, dammit?

Fine, not charity, whatever. I’m just saying that Roman and I don’t like being indebted to people, so--

“Agh, yeah, and I’m saying you’re not indebted to me.”

The fuck’re you talking about? Of course we are, you little prick!

Hector didn’t intend to budge on this, though. “No. You’re not.”

I don’t think you--’ But she stopped herself for some reason. Then she tilted her head at him, seemingly more confused than irritated now. ‘Why’re you being so stubborn about this?

“Why are you?” he said right back.

Because I--agh...!’ She gave an exasperated groan and pointed a skeletal finger at him. ‘Now, you listen here, young man. I am two thousand years old or some shit like that. You don’t get to win arguments against me, understand?

Hector all but threw up his hands. “Now what are you saying?! What is this argument even about?!”

I don’t know, okay?! I just know that you’re annoying me with all this backtalk! You’re supposed to be this adorable little boy who never argues with me, goddammit!

Hector just squinted at her.

The fuck kinda look is that?!’ said Voreese. ‘Alright, y’know what? I’ve been thinkin’ this for a while now, but I just have to come right out and say it! You are NOT the same Hector that I remember! Are you a body snatcher or something?! What did you do with him, huh?!

At that, Hector couldn’t help laughing a little. Roman was just about finished regenerating, he realized, so Hector completed the man’s armor set for him. Roman was already beginning to move again, and Hector helped him onto his feet.

The man’s head was still half-encased, so Voreese touched his shoulder, and then Roman was able to yank the rest of it off himself--though not without ripping off some of his face and scalp.

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