Monday, April 30, 2018

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((Triple Monday -- Page 2 of 3))
Leo just stared back at him, not saying anything.

Was that... good? Hector couldn’t really tell.

It was probably best to move the conversation along while he had the chance, Hector figured. The fewer lies he was forced to tell, the better. “...Why are you holding my friend captive, by the way? Did he do something wrong?”

Leo took his time answering. His expression seemed different than it was before. Sharper, maybe. Not quite angry, but close. “...He betrayed me. Followin’ your orders, I’m guessin’.”

“Ah...” Hector understood. Leo must have gone back to the warehouses, seen that the Rainlords were missing, and immediately blamed Roman. “That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”

“...‘Scuse me?”

“I mean... you betrayed him first, didn’t you? He was coming to meet me here in Capaporo, and... then you betrayed his trust in order to capture my Rainlords.”

Again, Leo didn’t say anything.

Oh, man, this was ridiculous. Hector couldn’t help feeling like Zeff would kick him in the teeth if he’d heard what he just said.

Hector knew that he couldn’t let any such feelings show on his face, though. He had to keep it together. Composure might’ve been the only thing preventing Leo from attacking him, right now.

“...Also,” Hector went on, “I’d argue that he wasn’t so much betraying you, as he was just being loyal to me.”

Leo snorted loud enough to draw a couple looks from the other people in the gallery. “The hell difference does that make?!”

“It makes a big difference,” said Hector. “A proper betrayal would be more... malicious. Or selfish, at least. But what he did was the complete opposite of selfish. And... it definitely wasn’t malicious, either. I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Hmph.” Leo did not look convinced, but he didn’t offer a counterargument.

Agh. Was that really it? More silent treatment? Hector racked his brain for another angle of attack. He was having trouble, though. If the guy was just gonna keep shutting down and not responding, then how the hell were they supposed to discuss anything?

At length, however, he did think of something else.

“...Did you really consider him your friend?” said Hector.

Leo’s glare only seemed to be growing more intense with each new question. “Why do you care?”

“Just curious, I guess.” And when it seemed like Leo might not answer him again, Hector decided to add, “I know how difficult it can be to make friends.”

Leo’s expression flickered for a second, though in what way, Hector couldn’t tell. “You offerin’ to be my friend, after all?”

Oh shit, back to this? “Ah... maybe.”

“Maybe? The hell does that mean, man? You wanna be my friend ‘r not?”

Hector allowed himself a small sigh. “You’re kinda pushy, you know that?”

“And you’re kinda annoying.”

“Mm... Too annoying to be friends with?”

“...I didn’t say that.” Somehow, Leo looked a lot angrier than those words or even his tone implied.

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