Friday, April 6, 2018

Page 1663

((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 12 of 24))
“So, uh...” Roman was struggling for a subject. He knew he didn’t want to guess a card yet, because the longer the game went on, the easier it would be to keep Leo distracted.


“Oh, ah, I... I was just wondering about something you mentioned just now. You said that you never felt like you fit in with Sai-hee’s people because they were too relaxed, but then you said that you eventually became more relaxed yourself, right?”


“And you’ve been like that for a while now, haven’t you?”


That meant yes, right? “So, then... did you still not feel like you belonged even after you changed?”


“...I don’t know if that answers my question.”

“Yeah, man, I still felt totally out of place, even then.”


“Because, man... it’s like... those people, I mean. Dude. I’m talking about the normal people who live in the Peacemaker’s territory. Not the folks who work for her. They’re different. The normal people, the non-servants, they’re the ones who are just... insufferable, I think is the word I’m lookin’ for.”

“How do you mean?”

Leo gestured absentmindedly with one hand, revealing his cards without apparently realizing it. “They’re just, y’know--they live in some of the calmest and most well-protected places in the world. And yo, there’s, like, a big difference between relaxing because you’re trying to enjoy your life and relaxing because you just don’t want to contribute. To anything. Ever.

“And then ON TOP OF THAT, they’re so elitist about it, too! As if they’ve accomplished anything! As if they’ve done anything to deserve their easy lives!” Leo shook his head and exhaled a heavy breath. “It was like they’re just determined to be unhappy, y’know? Even when everything is just handed to them, and they barely have to work at all, they don’t appreciate it, man. Most privileged people you ever did see, I swear. Drove me straight up crazy, sometimes.”

“Yeah, that sounds pretty irritating,” said Roman. “Maybe that’s your main problem, then.”

“Hmm? My main problem?”

“It’s gotta be tough to get invested in the goal of protecting a bunch of people you don’t care very much about. Maybe if you explained that to Ericoros, you could come to some sort of an arrangement and look for a new type of work. Something that you both find fulfilling.”

Leo returned a doubtful look.

“Got any sevens?” Roman knew that he did. He’d glimpsed one when Leo showed his hand.

Sure enough, Leo handed him the seven of diamonds. “You make it sound so easy...”

“Not saying it will be. Might take years to convince him. But you’re a servant. You’ve obviously got the time to spare.”

“I don’t think time will be the problem, big cat. You know how stubborn reapers are, right?”

“I most certainly do.”

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