Friday, April 6, 2018

Page 1655

((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 4 of 24))
Hector used the opportunity to practice something he’d tried previously back in Gray Rock. He made a seat for himself and pushed it onward. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as it had been before, though he didn’t attribute that to his most recent emergence. While the emergence might’ve certainly been helping, the biggest difference was that he wasn’t currently in the middle of a city full of innocent bystanders. The path here was straight, more or less, and he didn’t have to worry about running into anyone.

So he could really just let rip. He pushed his iron chair as fast as he could get it to go--which, he discovered, was actually quite fast indeed. It was easily faster than he’d ever gone on a motorcycle. Being able to just shoot the iron forward in a straight line without holding back--that really was the key difference.

But it still wasn’t nearly as fast as he’d managed to make his orbiting discs go. Granted, those went so fast that he completely lost control of them, but still. It seemed a strange difference. He felt like this should have been able to achieve speed like that, so why wasn’t it?

Was his own body weight a factor in it? Or perhaps it was simply a problem with his own perception? Was he limiting himself subconsciously, maybe? It was one thing to make something move that fast; it was another to try to make himself do it. Maybe it was some sort of natural, self-preservation instinct that he had to overcome.

He would be a little surprised if that was the case, though. He wasn’t sure how much of that instinct he actually possessed. There was a time when he would’ve thought he didn’t possess it at all, but he’d come to realize that he did have it at least a little. It was almost impossible to fight seriously without a sense of self-preservation, Hector figured.

So maybe that was the problem. Maybe he just had to let go of his brain’s very natural and rational fear of going way too fucking fast.

Easier said than done, though. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to go about that.

Even with all the time he had to test things out, he didn’t find a solution. And when he made it back to the reapers, Zeff was already there waiting, and Diego arrived not long after. The Lord Elroy didn’t hesitate to carry everyone with him. They all shot forth on a wave of ice, moving much closer to the speed that Hector had been trying to achieve.

It was so quick, actually, that Hector’s vision went briefly gray, then black, and he felt like he may have lost time and consciousness for a bit.

Which might’ve answered his earlier question, he figured. He couldn’t materialize iron that pushed himself at such a speed that he began to lose consciousness, because the second his focus began to fade, his materialization would no doubt begin to wane.

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