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At length, a familiar reaper came flying into the warehouse and went straight for one of the brains on the ground. It was Iziol, Hector realized, reaper to the Lord Dimas Sebolt. As soon as the reaper touched the brain, the regeneration began. Veins and tissue and bone all began gradually to appear around the brain.

Hector lowered himself down. Knowing the process as well as he did from personal experience, Hector knew that Dimas was going to be butt naked by the time is was done and so decided to remove his own shirt in preparation for it. Just the shirt alone certainly wouldn’t be enough, given how much taller the man was, but maybe bundled with some iron armor, it would suffice.

Before Dimas could even finish regenerating, however, more reapers began to arrive and resurrect their respective servants. Mevox, reaper to the Lord Salvador Delaguna. Ezura, reaper to the Lady Evangelina Stroud. Olijas, reaper to Carlos Sebolt. And more. The one Hector was really waiting on was Orric, for Melchor Blackburn, but by the time several of the servants were getting up, Orric had still not arrived.

On his feet again, Dimas looked down at the suit of armor that Hector had made for him. It wasn’t a set of full plate like what Hector himself was wearing, but it didn’t look too bad, Hector thought.

“Good to see you again, Lord Goffe,” said Dimas.

Hector had already moved on to the next servant in need of concealment, that being the hulking figure of Lord Salvador. He threw a glance back toward Dimas and couldn’t help smiling a little behind his faceguard. “Would you like a helmet like mine?” he asked.

Dimas seemed to think about it, then looked toward Iziol, who was busy talking to Garovel and Voreese. The man turned back to Hector and shrugged. “Sure.”

Hector was happy to make one for him. It was a little weird, materializing a helmet onto another person, but he didn’t struggle with it. He even decided to try something slightly different with it, making it more angular than his own and gave it a T-shaped opening in the faceguard. He momentarily considered giving the man horns, too, but he figured they might be impractical for combat. No sense in giving an enemy something to grab onto.

“Sorry if it’s a little uncomfortable,” said Hector.

“It is fine,” said Dimas, now with the tinge of metal in his voice. “More importantly, where have you been? And what is happening?”

Thankfully, the reapers chose that moment to arrive, so Hector didn’t have to explain. They were more than happy to bring the Lord Sebolt up to speed, and soon, the man was up in the rafters, digging out more servants while Hector continued providing armor for each newly regenerated arrival.

As the crowd of familiar servants grew, so did their progress, and it wasn’t much longer before Hector finally noticed Orric there, already having located Melchor’s brain, apparently.

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