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I find you very unpleasant,’ said Iziol.

Been called a lot worse than that, honey,’ said Voreese. ‘Why, even just today. A couple hours ago, my servant called me a moldy bitch.

It sounds like the two of you are made for one another, then.’

Heh. Maybe. He can be a big ol’ shithead, sometimes.

Hmph,’ said Iziol. ‘Have you met Mevox yet? I imagine you and he would either get along famously or try to tear each other to pieces.

Is that so? Mevox, huh? I’ve not yet had the pleasure, but with an endorsement like that, I gotta admit, you’re makin’ me curious. Where is this guy? He isn’t here with us right now, is he?

No, he is not. He is the reaper of Lord Salvador Delaguna, so naturally, he went with the rest of House Delaguna.

Pity,’ said Voreese. ‘I’m always happy to meet a fellow shit talker.

I am sure you will get your chance,’ said Iziol.

As Hector might have expected with so many reapers in such close proximity to one another, the servants ended up not getting much opportunity to chime in. No one seemed to mind, however. The reapers made for pretty good entertainment during the rather long and winding trek back up the great pit of Capaporo.

The group’s progress was a bit on the slow side, due to the many climate pods they were bringing along. Dimas took care of the most impressive portion on his own. His alteration ability to manipulate gravity was pretty much perfect for the task, allowing the man to have a veritable fleet of pods following the group in midair.

Everyone else was carrying at least one pod as well. There were no non-servants walking with the group, as those had all departed earlier with Zeff.

They drew many a strange look from the inhabitants of Capaporo, and fellow pedestrians were quick to make way for them.

One thing that Hector had yet to see in the Undercrust was a car. Aside from trains, he hadn’t noticed vehicles of any sort. He supposed it made sense for Capaporo, given how narrow the streets were here, but what was Babbadelo’s reason? He wanted to ask Garovel about it, but the reaper was already occupied with another conversation.

He did eventually notice a large set of elevators, however--not large enough for the group to comfortably board with all of their climate pods, unfortunately, but it was something, at least. Hector wondered how he hadn’t seen them on the way down earlier, and perhaps the immense crowd in the area was the explanation. He must have missed it because of all the bodies blocking his view.

He was still convinced that this city was in desperate need of some good bridges, though. No amount of elevators would change his mind about that.

Eventually, they reached the top of the giant pit again, and gingerly navigated their way through the even narrower side streets that led back up to the long path toward Warrenhold. There was still a ways to go yet, but they’d finally made it out of Capaporo, at least.

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