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Oh, there are loads of theories regarding their origins,’ said Garovel. ‘Personally, I’m a believer of the Ancient Drillers Theory.

Is that what it sounds like?

That people drilled the holes in ancient times? Yeah, pretty much. It’s not much of a theory, admittedly, but it does seem the most plausible explanation to me--certainly more so than the Megavolcanoes Theory.


Basically, it’s the theory that the holes are perfectly natural and simply the result of volcanic activity from long before humankind evolved on the planet.


The reason that makes no sense, by the way, is because of the way the holes are shaped. They’re very even and go straight down. If they were truly natural formations, then they would have a much more irregular path.

Hector had to agree. ‘Yeah. They’ve gotta be manmade. And couldn’t they have just been made by destruction users?

Yeah. Who those destruction users were, however, remains a mystery. I’ve heard it said that the holes predate reapers, which would also mean that they predate destruction users, but I don’t know if I believe that.

A beat passed as Hector thought about that. ‘You only “don’t know” if you believe it? I’d have thought you would tell me it was total horseshit or something.

Well, according to the data, it’s a bit foggy. The holes are supposedly as old as five thousand years, give or take a few centuries. But the very first reapers supposedly began to appear around that same time, too. So it’s hard to tell either way.

Seems like a hell of a coincidence.

No kidding.’

I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. Being the first reaper, I mean.

Confounding beyond belief, I’m sure. When I became a reaper, I’d at least had a conception that it could happen and what it might be like. But being one of the first ones? Waking up after your death and then having to figure all this shit out with no guidance to speak of? I don’t think I would have handled that very well.

Do you know who the oldest reaper was?

No. The oldest one I’ve ever known was a guy by the name of Heloxos. I met him right after I became a reaper, and he was already over a thousand years old at that point.

Wow. Is he still around?

No. He was killed by his own servant about a hundred years later.


Never found out. I knew they hadn’t been getting along, but learning the exact reason was impossible once the deed was done.

That made sense, Hector supposed.

The oldest still-living reaper I’ve ever met is actually Axiolis here.’

Hector blinked and glanced over at Axiolis, who was hovering over Zeff’s shoulder. ‘Seriously?

He said he’s over four thousand years old, and I’m inclined to believe him.

Holy shit...

Yeah. I don’t encounter many reapers older than myself anymore.

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