Sunday, April 22, 2018

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What?’ said Voreese. ‘There’s no need for that. I’m sure Roman will manage. He’s a resourceful guy.

“I know,” said Hector, folding his arms. “I’m just... eager to see him again, I guess.” He didn’t remove his eyes from Voreese, however.

“If you are waiting, then I will wait with you,” said Evangelina.

Hector held up a hand. “No, please--I want you all to go get some rest. And some food. Please.”

Melchor stepped toward him now. “It hardly seems appropriate that we should return without our host. You are not concerned we will make a mess of things?”

Yeah, we’re pretty good at making messes,’ said Orric.

No need to worry about that,’ said Garovel, though he was staring at Hector. ‘Warrenhold is a bit of a mess already. We’re in the middle of trying to restore it. That being said, though, we’d prefer it if you didn’t make more work for us.

“Ah--yeah,” added Hector. “Just promise me you’ll behave yourselves.” He meant that as a joke and so tried to force out a meager laugh to make that more apparent, but the sound didn’t quite manifest from his throat properly. Somehow, it ended up sounding more like a sigh.

And for a few moments thereafter, none of the Rainlords responded.

Aw, shit. Had he just pissed them off?

Agh. He should’ve known better than to try and force a joke out in an otherwise serious conversation. That was something he should just leave to the reapers, he decided.

Iziol was the first one to speak up again. ‘Is there some reason to be concerned about the well-being of Voreese’s servant?

Everyone looked at Voreese.

Her head reared back a little at all the sudden attention. ‘I’m telling you, he’s fine. He’s just biding his time.

Everyone looked back at Hector.

“Okay,” said the Lord Goffe. “Then ask him something for me.”

Voreese stared back at him steadily.

“...What did he say to me just before the Battle at Rathmore’s Gate?” said Hector.

Everyone looked back to Voreese again.

Her skeletal face twisted with irritation. ‘Agh! Fuck you, Hector! Why do you gotta call me out like this, huh?!

Hector wasn’t having any of it, though. “Why were you lying?” he said firmly.

Ugh! Why do you think?! For your own good, obviously!

“If Roman needs help, then--”

Then, what?! What, huh?! You’re gonna go help him?! How, exactly?! This Leo guy is one of Sai-hee’s strongest people! One of the strongest people in the whole world, in other words! How do you plan to deal with that?!

Hector didn’t say anything.

I mean, would I like you guys to go and rescue him for me?’ said Voreese. ‘Of course I would! But Leo already made you all his bitches once before!’ After a beat, she added, ‘No offense.

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