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One of the several other servants who had been watching but not saying anything up to now decided to speak up. “Well, if Lord Goffe believes he can do it, then...” It was one of the Blackburn women. Silvia, Hector was pretty sure.

He was surprised to hear her say that, as well, considering she’d actually seen him fight, all the way back in Luzo. She couldn’t have been very impressed by his prowess back then, either, considering Asad had done all the heavy lifting in that battle.

Strange. Hector wondered what had changed her view of him.

Though, perhaps it would make more sense if nothing had. Maybe her view of him hadn’t changed at all, and she was simply saying that because she didn’t give two shits about the current situation and just wanted to move things along so that her family could get to safety.

Yeah, Hector found that much more believable. Aside from Melchor and occasionally Horatio, the Blackburns were noticeably different from the other Rainlords. More withdrawn. Even now, Hector could see it in the way they were standing so close together, especially around the Lady Nere. She was wearing full iron armor like everyone else, but Hector could still easily pick her out of the crowd from her body language alone. That slumped posture, the frequently downcast gaze. From what he’d heard, she’d been that way ever since leaving Dunehall.

Dunehall, where her husband Ismael had been killed, and her son Ibai had gone missing, in addition to all of the other casualties her House had suffered.

Hector certainly couldn’t blame the Blackburns for seeming that much more protective of her now.

A few other voices arose in agreement with Silvia, more Blackburns and a few Sebolts as well, until at length, Evangelina Stroud spoke up again.

“Fine.” She tapped Hector on the pate of his helmet with the iron knuckle of her own gauntlet. “We will go. But do not tarry long. Else you give us reason to come looking for you.” She turned and started walking away.

Hector was too busy blinking to come up with a response. She’d actually agreed? He’d expected her to be the most difficult to convince.

The other Rainlords began following her, reapers included, but Dimas and Melchor lingered a bit longer, as did Voreese, Garovel, Iziol, and Orric.

This is moronic,’ said Voreese. ‘You can’t possibly... agh, I mean, I’m grateful, but... Hector, what the fuck?

“I’ll need you to point me toward Roman,” said Hector. “I hope you won’t mind coming with me part of the way, at least.”

Of course I won’t mind, you piece of shit! But--! Argh!

Melchor stepped closer to him. “What if you do not return?”

Hector didn’t know how to answer that.

“If you are captured,” said Melchor, “and if we are unable locate or otherwise retrieve your brain... in such a circumstance, is there something you would like us to do for you? As a final request?”

Oh. Hmm.

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