Sunday, April 29, 2018

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Hector waited, matching the man’s gaze evenly, but when Leo didn’t respond, Hector decided to materialize an iron seat for himself instead of just sitting next to Leo on the bench. He added significantly more detail into the seat than was probably necessary, making it less like a chair and more like a throne.

He felt like he had to project power, lest this conversation would end before it even began.

Hector sat down and folded his arms. “...Hello, by the way.”

“Who are you?” asked Leo, still wide-eyed and attentive.

That was a dangerous question to answer, Hector felt. It was a big risk to reveal the truth right now. Leo could react very poorly to it. But on the other hand, lying could prove just as awful, if not more so. Hector didn’t know if he should try to bullshit his way to victory again.

So he decided to choose a third option.

“...Do you really not know already?” said Hector. It seemed like the best way to gauge Leo’s potential reaction.

“Impossible...” Leo’s expression seemed to tremble for a moment, then he blinked a couple times. His gaze went down to Roman’s captive head. “Ah...” He looked up again. “You must be Hector.”

Hmm. What was all that about, Hector wondered?

“...Yeah,” said Hector. “And you’re Leo, aren’t you?”

“Guess his reaper told you all about me, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“Surprised you didn’t attack me while my guard was down.”

Hector had certainly thought about it. “...You never answered my question.”


“...Are you alright?”

Leo let his eyes drift to the side. “This the part where you try to get on my good side? To recruit me? Manipulate me, like everyone else?”

“...Actually, I’m just here for my friend. I’d like it if you gave him back to me.”

“Why should I? He’s my friend, too.”

“Do you normally keep your friends prisoner?”

Leo’s gaze returned to Hector, but he just stared, not saying anything.

Hector felt the air grow abruptly heavier. A familiar sensation.

Yeah, this dude was definitely powerful.

Hector needed to be very careful with his words. Slow and deliberate, he reminded himself. And maybe cool it with the sarcasm, too.

“...Was I wrong?” said Hector. “When I saw you sitting here, I thought you looked... rather... distraught.” That was the right word, wasn’t it? He hoped so.

“Why? You lookin’ to take all my worries away and earn my trust?”

Wow, this guy was pretty blatantly cynical. Hector didn’t think this would go on for much longer unless he did something to change the direction of the conversation. “...I don’t see any reason why I would need to earn your trust,” he said. “If anything, you would need to earn mine.”

Leo’s eyes narrowed a little. “Say what?”

“You attacked and imprisoned my friends. What, you think that makes you trustworthy in my eyes?”

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