Friday, April 6, 2018

Page 1671

((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 20 of 24))
Doesn’t wanna work for someone weaker than him, eh?’ said Voreese. ‘How old-fashioned.

Well, he IS pretty old...

Psh, that’s no excuse. Still a goddamn baby, as far as I’m concerned. But maybe we can take advantage of that.

Oh, do you actually have a plan now?

Garovel and I have been swapping intel, and apparently, he and Hector have been getting up to some pretty bonkers shit in our absence. And didn’t you say that Leo originally said he wanted to follow you to Capaporo as “protocol?”

Uh, yeah? So?

He said that whenever there was someone he didn’t recognize who had access to a Courier, he was obligated to identify that person, right?

Yeah, but that was just bullshit so that he could capture the Rainlords and offer them up to Sai-hee as an apology.

Maybe. I think that protocol might be real, though. I’ve heard of such things before.

Okay? What’s your point?’ Roman observed Leo stopping in front of a Hun’Kui street performer and tossing a few coins at him.

We’re gonna trick him,’ said Voreese. ‘Our problem so far has been that we can’t free the Rainlords and escape, because you’re the only one who’d be able to pull it off, and Leo was constantly breathing down your neck. But now we’ve got a few other people who can do it while you keep him distracted.

...He’s kinda stopped paying attention to me, actually. He’s going to the movies. Maybe I should just leave and go meet up with you.

No, I want you stay on him. In fact, I want you to bring up Hector. Talk him up a bit. Tell Leo all about how powerful he is, and how he’s actually the one who YOU are working for.

Roman’s expression spoiled. ‘...Why?

Backup plan, just in case Leo shows up while we’re busy freeing everyone. I’m assuming it won’t be quick work. This way, you’ll also be able to warn us if he starts heading our way.

...That doesn’t explain why I have to pretend to be working for Hector.

Because that seed’s already been planted with the whole Courier situation. Leo already has an idea who Hector is, so if you nourish that seed a little, let it grow, then Leo might actually come to believe that Hector is powerful enough to leave Sai-hee for. Get it?

...I don’t like this plan.

Well, it’s the best we got. Now go be a good distraction for us. You can run away from him later.

What if I can’t get away later?

Then you can just destroy your brain and escape that way.

Roman’s brow lowered. ‘Excuse me?

Just use your power and blow your own brains out. I’ll recreate you from scratch at my location, and Leo will have no idea where you went. It’s the perfect escape plan. And a real classic, by the way. Widely used throughout history. Not that you would know, you ignorant piece of shit.

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