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Page 1654 -- CLXXVIII.

((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 3 of 24))
That way, if one of us doesn’t do it, then the other will know that something’s wrong.

...What if we simply forget?’ said Emiliana.

That... would be a problem,’ admitted Hector. ‘But, uh... it shouldn’t be that hard to remember, should it? Especially if we talk regularly.

I suppose...

If you’re really worried about it, then tell Chergoa something that we said and have her remember it for you.

That might work... but this is all extremely hypothetical, isn’t it? And if a hypothetical foe could use the Shards to trick us in such a way, what makes you think they would not be able to get around this strategy, too?

I... uh...’ Eesh, what a question. ‘Look, I’m not saying this idea will make us invincible. But it’s one more layer of security that an enemy would have to overcome. And it’s not too much extra hassle for us, so what’s the downside, exactly?

I see your point.

And maybe we should come up with a backup code, too, in case that fails somehow...

She sighed. ‘This is getting rather tedious, Hector...

Yeah, okay, maybe that was too much for now, Hector figured. ‘Sorry. I just. Ah... well, we can worry about a backup code later, I guess.

Emiliana made no response.

How is Chergoa, by the way?’ said Hector. ‘Garovel doesn’t really let it show, but I’m pretty sure he’s worried about her.

She is... her usual insufferable self.

That’s... good?

Yes. She doesn’t seem to mind Gohvis’ company very much at all. She may even like him. I cannot tell if she is putting on an act and trying to trick him in some way.

Hector’s brow rose. ‘She LIKES Gohvis?

Seemingly. Gohvis is rather... curious, in his own way. It may be impossible to describe without making you think I have gone crazy.

...I don’t know about that,’ said Hector. ‘I think I’ve probably got you beat when it comes to seeing crazy shit.

Ha. Perhaps I--

There came a pause, and Hector slowed his run down to a walk again as he waited for her continue.

...I have to go,’ she said.

And before he could even tell her goodbye, he sensed her let go of her Shard.

Well, that was worrying.

Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Eight: ‘To a place of prospect...’
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It took a few more hours, but indeed, just as Garovel had said, one of the servants discovered Capaporo. Unfortunately, Hector was not that servant. It was Manuel Delaguna, which meant that Hector had to go all the way back to the reapers and then all the way to Manuel.

It gave him a lot of time to think, particularly about how much he hated running. Eventually, when his lungs began to feel like they were both exploding and collapsing with each new breath he took, Hector decided to stop running and start relying on his materialization to carry him.

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