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((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 16 of 24))
I’m going to offer Leo a job.


Then stop dicking around and come up with something!

“It’s your turn,” said Leo.

“I know. I’m just... thinking.”

“It’s not that difficult of a game, chief.”

“Okay, how many different nicknames are you gonna come up with for me, exactly? Because it’s getting a little ridiculous.”

“Bad ridiculous or good ridiculous?”

“I... I don’t know. It’s just strange.”

“Maybe I like being strange.”

“Well, at least you don’t smell quite so strange, anymore.”

Leo just looked at him again.

And Roman was hesitant again, too, but he was also fairly certain that he hadn’t actually pissed Leo off just now. After all the time he’d spent in this man’s company over the last several days, he’d gotten a decent idea of the kinds of things that would and wouldn’t do it.


Indeed, after a moment, Leo put his nose over his shoulder and sniffed. “Never did much care for bathing, if I’m completely honest.”

Roman couldn’t say he was surprised. Nonetheless, it had certainly been a relief when Leo had started doing it again. Roman didn’t know if he would’ve been able to handle that level body odor throughout the entirety of their journey thus far.

“You got any aces?” said Roman.

“Go fish.”

He drew the nine of diamonds from the deck. ‘Voreese. Plan. Now.

I’m working on it. You can’t rush greatness.

Not a concern when you’re involved.

Stop distracting me, you little prick.

Do you need more information? Something I can help with, at least?

Uh... one sec.

He’d already told her everything that he’d been able to learn about Leo so far, but he wasn’t sure it would be enough.

“Got any clubs?” said Leo.

“Are you being serious, right now?”

“Sorry... I mean diamonds.”


“This game’s kinda boring, dude. Maybe we should go do something else.”

That was not what Roman wanted to hear. “I want to finish our game. You have no idea how emotionally invested in it I am, right now.”

Leo scratched his cheek. “Eh... you sure? Think I saw a movie theater on the third level the other day. Maybe they’ve got something interesting on.”

Ugh. Movie theater or not, there was no telling what Leo would do if he left this room. The man was rather easily distracted, Roman had come to learn, so any number of things out there could catch his eye and make him wander off, which could throw a wrench into any plan the others came up with. “That’s--sure, fine. We’ll do that after our game, okay?”

“Myeah, alright...”

Leo’s getting antsy...

Oh, ah--ask him why he likes Sai-hee so much.

He DOESN’T like her! I told you that like six days ago!

You did?


I dunno. I’m pretty sure I’d remember if you had...

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