Friday, April 6, 2018

Page 1666

((TZKS 5th Anniversary -- Page 15 of 24))
“Not even if we show him some real evidence?” said Roman.

“You got any real evidence?” said Leo.

“Well, no, but we could work on that.”

Leo looked doubtful. “Got any twos?”

“Go fish. You already asked for those earlier, by the way.”

“Did I? Guess I really want some twos, then.”

Roman was going to be extremely annoyed if he ended up losing to a guy who was barely even paying attention to the game. Unfortunately, getting a glimpse at the man’s cards hadn’t even helped much, since he hadn’t had any of the ones that Roman needed now. He could only hope that Leo had just drawn something that would be useful. “Also, ah--it would probably be helpful toward repairing your relationship if you told him about how you were brainwashed.”

“...Wasn’t really brainwashing, though, man.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was still myself, man. I still knew what I was doing. I was just... a slightly different version of myself, I guess. That’s the best I can put it, I think.”

Roman mulled that over for a bit. “You should probably just say you were brainwashed. It’s easier to conceptualize--and probably to forgive, which is what you want Ericoros to do, right?”

“Doesn’t really matter, because there’s no way he’ll believe me, man.”

“Sure he will! Especially if you’ve got someone to support your story, like me. In fact, we could just let all these Rainlords leave and then go find your reaper and have a nice, quality chat with him. Where is he, by the way?”

“...See, it’s questions like that that make me paranoid, brother.”

Roman tensed up as he felt the air in the room do the same. The expression on Leo’s face was familiar. Roman had seen it once before, back when they first met. It was an unneeded reminder that this was not someone he wanted to push too far. “Ah... you’re worried I’ll try to kill Ericoros?”

Leo just kept staring at him.

“Oh, uh, heh, sorry. That thought hadn’t even entered my mind. But yeah. Of course you’d be worried about that. We still barely know each other, after all.”

Leo seemed to relax a little, though only because his dark eyes went back to his cards.

Roman took a silent breath. He could feel himself sweating, despite his control over particle vibrations making him immune to the heat of the Undercrust.

Roman was a little surprised that Leo didn’t simply force the truth out of him again, though. He wouldn’t have minded, since he wasn’t lying. He certainly didn’t plan on trying to kill Ericoros.

He was beginning to run out of ideas. Perhaps he really would have to offer Leo that job after all. Before pulling that trigger, though, he decided to check in with Voreese.

Hey, you got a plan yet?’ he asked her.

No. And shut up. I’m having a very pleasant conversation with Garovel right now.

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