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That is not entirely true, now is it?’ said Ezura, the woman’s reaper. ‘I vividly remember you putting on Lord Romero’s armor when you were a little girl. Or TRYING to, at least.’ The reaper laughed.

“Oh, I had forgotten all about that,” said the Lady Stroud. She eyed Hector through her dotted faceguard. “I was quite the tomboy in my youth, you know.”

“...Think I’d be more surprised if you hadn’t been,” said Hector.

“Excuse me?!” the woman tittered.

“Ah--uh... s-sorry, I didn’t mean that in a bad way...”

“Hmph! While it may be true that I have not acted in the most ladylike manner of late, I assure you that I have many traditionally feminine qualities.”

“...I, ah, o-okay.”

“Why do you sound so doubtful?”

“I--er--I don’t. This is just how I sound.”

What “traditionally feminine qualities” might you be talking about, I wonder?’ said Ezura.

Evangelina held up a gauntleted finger. “Do not even start.”

I am simply curious,’ said Ezura.

“Don’t listen to them, Angie,” said Melchor, coming up on Hector’s right as they ascended a staircase that was wider than most others in Capaporo. “I have always thought you to be very feminine.”

“Thank you!” she said.

Perhaps YOU can provide examples of such qualities, then,’ said Ezura.

Melchor hesitated visibly.

Evangelina slowed her walking pace a little to put herself in stride with Melchor, looking abruptly even more eager to hear his response than Ezura was.

“Well,” said Melchor. “Obviously. Um. She likes wearing beautiful dresses.”

Uh-huh,’ said Ezura. ‘Is that all?

“Of course not. She also... likes to shop, right?”

“Yes! I go shopping with my friends all the time!”

Okay, that’s two things. What else?

“Ah... She is very... uh... agh, I did not realize this was going to be a quiz.”

“I hate sports! That counts, does it not?!”

I don’t know,’ said Ezura. ‘What does the young Lord Goffe think?

At this point, Hector just wanted to run away. “I... I don’t think anything. At all, really.”

Garovel floated over from a conversation with Dimas and Iziol. ‘Are you guys giving my servant a hard time? I’ll have you know, I don’t appreciate people doing my job for me.

It is mostly Evangelina whom I am trying to give a hard time,’ said Ezura, unable to completely conceal her giggling, ‘but I must admit, your young lord from Atreya is quite the tempting specimen in that regard, as well.

Oh, I know, right?!’ Now it was Voreese’s turn to chime in, apparently. ‘Lemme get in on this action, too! Hey, Hector! If you had to bang any Rainlord right now, who would it be?

Pardon me,’ said Iziol, hovering closer with Dimas behind him, ‘but who is this woman, exactly, and why is she so vulgar?

Didn’t I tell you my name earlier?’ said Voreese. ‘Don’t tell me you forgot already. The fuck kinda reaper are you?

The polite and civilized kind,’ said Iziol.

Oho! Well, la-dee-fucking-da!

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