Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Page 1709

Hector thought about it a moment. “If that happens, then... please look after Warrenhold for me. There are, uh... only three people living there, right now. My mother, a woman named Amelia Carthrace, and a man named Jamal Easton. But... ah...”

“I understand,” said Melchor.

It would be our honor to protect them,’ said Orric.

“But not our preference,” said Dimas, which was perhaps the first thing that Hector had heard him say since Capaporo. “Please do not get captured.”

Hector just gave him a nod.

After that, Melchor and Dimas turned to leave, and Orric and Iziol followed suit.

Mr. Easton was probably going to be quite overwhelmed with all of these guests. Hector had never actually told the man directly they would be arriving, but he was fairly certain Mr. Easton already knew. Asad’s wife and son should have conveyed that message when they first arrived.


One more thing to worry about later, he supposed.

Only Garovel and Voreese now remained.

Huh,’ said Garovel aloud. ‘Shall we head back to Capaporo, then?

Hector eyed him. “Garovel...”

They don’t need me to guide them. They know the correct direction now, and from here, it’s a straight shot back to Warrenhold.

“That doesn’t change the fact that it’s too dangerous to bring you.”

I’ll keep my distance and observe from afar,’ said Garovel. ‘It’s like you said. Leo doesn’t know who you are. He won’t know who I am, either, or that you’re my servant. Or that you even ARE a servant.

Hector frowned.

And considering how apparently reluctant you were to share your plan with everyone, I have a feeling that you don’t actually HAVE a plan. Or, at least not one that doesn’t sound completely insane. Am I close?

Hector didn’t say anything and just glanced at Voreese.

Voreese was already looking at Garovel, though. ‘You’re not exactly filling me with confidence over here, sayin’ shit like that.

All I’m saying is, it wouldn’t hurt to come up with a sound plan.’

“Do you have some suggestions?” said Hector.

Let’s move while we talk,’ said Garovel. ‘It’ll take a few hours to get back there.

That was a good point, Hector supposed. He still didn’t really want to bring Garovel along, but as long as the reaper intended to keep his distance when the time came, there wasn’t much actual justification for leaving him behind.

This time, he pushed himself for a faster pace. Without all the climate pods in tow, he no longer had to worry about having a delicate touch. He simply let the two reapers attach themselves to him beneath his cooling variant armor, and then they blasted off toward Capaporo again, as fast as his iron could carry him.

So the fact that Leo doesn’t know who you are may be our greatest advantage,’ said Garovel.

Are you thinking Hector can just sneak up and yoink Roman away from him?’ said Voreese.

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