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Page 1706 -- CLXXXII.

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Orric hovered closer to Hector. ‘If we did decide to mount a counterattack, we would have the element of surprise this time. It would not be like it was before.’

Oh, don’t give me that shit!’ said Voreese. ‘You also don’t have nearly as many fighters as you did before! Or do you plan to go to Warrenhold and get everyone to rejoin us first? All so you can rescue a single servant you know nothing about? A servant whose reaper isn’t even in danger? Get real.

Iziol chimed in now. ‘Are you truly saying that you do not mind leaving your servant behind?

Of course I’m not saying that! But putting yourselves in danger for him makes no goddamn sense! So don’t try and pretend that it does just so you can feel all noble and shit!

“She is right,” said Melchor. “We have no reason to rescue this man, and it would be incredibly dangerous. We have our own people to think of.”

“I agree,” said Evangelina, eyeing Hector now. “Harsh as it may be, I do not think we should get involved. Facing Leo again would be ill-advised, especially so soon after our previous encounter.”

I have to concur as well,’ added Ezura. ‘The risk far outweighs the benefit, and we have already lost far too much in recent days.

At that, no one said anything for a while, not even Voreese.

“...That’s fine,” said Hector, drawing everyone’s gaze one more time. “You guys don’t have a reason to go after him. But I do.”

Hector,’ said Garovel privately. ‘What are you--?

“Honestly, I didn’t want to bring you guys back to Capaporo with me, anyway,” said Hector. “Just head to Warrenhold and get some rest. I’ll take care of this.”

Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Two: ‘O, resolute Iron...’
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You’ll “take care” of it?!’ said Voreese. ‘Are you fucking kidding me?! I already asked before, didn’t I?! How the fuck do you plan on pulling that off, huh?!

That was a very good question. And since Hector wasn’t entirely sure of the answer, he instead decided to say, “Don’t worry. I have experience with this sort of thing.”

What the fuck?! You have experience with--?! Are you--?! Wh--?!

Amazingly enough, she seemed to be lost for words. Perhaps she was suddenly remembering what Garovel had told her about their recent adventures.

Hector was more concerned about how the Rainlords would react, however. He genuinely had no idea what they were going to do.

Currently, they were simply looking at him, not moving or saying anything.

Hector,’ came Garovel’s private voice again, ‘what the fuck are you doing?

Again, another very good question. He answered it with the only thing that came to mind. ‘I’m not leaving Roman behind, Garovel. It’s my fault he even came here in the first place.

Agh--that’s true, but--

Now Garovel seemed lost for words as well.


Two for two. Hector felt pretty good about that.

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