Saturday, August 31, 2013

Page 218

“What do you need help with?” said Sheryl. “I’m pretty good with geography. Gregory’s a math nerd.”

“Hey, I’m not--”

“Yes, you are, shut up. Micah, you’re good at something, aren’t you?”

“Hell no.”

“Yeah, you are! Biology! You’re good at biology!”

“No, I’m not! I cheat, I swear I do!”

“Yeah, right, you goodie-good! Nathan, Janine, what are your best subjects?”

Hector, what have you done?

I don’t know, but I’m scared...

“Hector!” said Sheryl, making him flinch. “C’mon! Give us your address, and we’ll take turns tutoring you!”


Battonburg was a quiet little town. Buildings were architecturally ornate but never more than three stories. The small roads remained quiet, even in the middle of the day, and as Geoffrey looked for a place to park, he spotted a familiar reaper waving him down. He pulled into a diner and got out of his sleek, white sports car.

Ozmere floated over to him, with Moss lumbering not far behind. ‘Hello again,’ the reaper said.

“Hello. What are you doing here?”

We wanted to make sure you didn’t wipe out the entire town.

Geoffrey pouted. “Aww, but that is the easiest way. I do not need to ask around about Colt if I just consume all their souls and read their minds.”

Geoffrey, please. That sort of thing will attract the attention of the Vanguard’s aberration hunters. And trust me when I say that would not be fun for you.


Don’t be like that. We’ll make a game of it. We’ll talk to various people and if someone seems like they know something useful, THEN you can eat their soul. Agreed?

“Oh, very well.”


“Is Desmond here, too?”

No, he and Ezmortig are still in Sescoria. There is still much that needs overseeing. Our reinforcements arrived the other day, and Desmond’s been trying to help everyone get situated without drawing too much attention.


  1. Is moss the acid puker? I don't remember his name ever occuring beforehand...

    1. Indeed he is. The not-so-gentle giant.

    2. Oh, and his name was mentioned on Page 187.

  2. I think you have an extra G in "Battonburg" right after the section break.

  3. Micah and his merry band are quite an odd bunch. Helpful teenagers like them are getting more and more scarce in our world :(

    Anyway, Hector has really got himself in some shit this time...

    With Geoffrey, I hope he doesn't tell Abolish bout his grandfather.

    Also, God save Colk

  4. I laughed out loud at that , "and THEN you can eat their soul" line. Your mentally unstable/homocidal-villanous people/reapers/aberrations are an absolute joy to read.

  5. where can I get friends like them >.<