Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Page 178

Gerald frowned. “Still too young for the crown, I see.”

“A thousand years would not be enough to make me agree with you,” Helen said. “You are mistaken if you think Atreya is meant to protect me. I am meant to protect it.”

The old man just snorted.

There was a pause, and Lynnette noticed Hector had joined them. Everyone seemed to be looking at him--or just above his head, perhaps. She couldn’t tell what was happening, but after a moment, Gerald broke the silence.

“There are plenty of places for us to go,” he said. “Any neutral territory will suffice. If necessary, we’ll throw our support behind Sai-hee. At least she has enough sense to stay out of the others’ messes.”

Roman scowled. “You fucking coward.”

“Don’t let sentiment cloud your judgment, Roman. Atreya is already dead.”

“So much the better, then,” said Roman. “Dead things suit us just fine.”

Gerald rolled his eyes. A few of his mechanics lingered behind him, no doubt waiting for a chance to speak to him, but when he saw them there, he flew into a spitting tirade until they fled. He moved to the rear wall and hit a row of buttons. The garage doors all began to close.

The old man took a deep breath. The shelf next to him reached all the way to ceiling, bearing boxes and tires and all manner of tools. He clutched its central pillar with both hands and pulled the whole thing a few paces to the right. A door in the floor was revealed.

Gerald lifted it open. “I’ll offer you one small aid only. I suggest you take it.” He descended out of view.

Roman and the Queen followed immediately. Lynnette and Hector exchanged glances before pursuing.


It was an underground garage. Bright white lights filled the chamber, and Hector could see grooves in the ceiling where mechanics topside could work beneath cars.

Gerald was already pulling tarps off of the various vehicles parked here.

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  1. In here, was... THE BATMOBILE!!!