Thursday, August 8, 2013

Page 172

The journey was a short one. The tour bus pulled up to a quite well-kept auto body shop, and everyone exited. Fully regenerated, Roman led the group inside.

There were people in the waiting room. They eyed the new arrivals uncomfortably.

Roman rang the bell at the front desk. “Gerald! Get your crusty old ass out here!”

The others all exchanged glances.

The door behind the counter opened, and the elderly mechanic stepped through. He took one look at Roman and sighed. “Alright,” said Gerald. “I’m sorry to everyone who was waiting, but we’re closed now. I need you all to leave.”

“What?” said one man, standing. “But you have my car. I need it tomorrow--”

Roman stepped in, smiling. “I know it’s inconvenient, but trust me, pal. This is for your own good.” He grabbed a pad and paper off the counter and scribbled a quick note, handing it to the customer. “Here. Go to this address and give this note to the cute blond girl there. She’ll provide all of you with new vehicles, free of charge.”

The man’s expression faltered, and he read the note. “Wha--this address isn’t even in Sescoria. This is a hundred kilometers away!”

Roman’s smile waned. “Then I guess you’d better get going.”

“This is ridiculous!”

Helen intervened, and the stranger did a double take. “Please listen to him,” she said. “Some very bad people are coming here. They will kill you if you stay.”

It didn’t take much more convincing after that. The customers soon filed out of the building.

“So who’s coming to kill us?” Gerald asked.

“Abolish,” said Roman. “Two members, both pretty strong, but nothing we can’t handle.”

Gerald’s expression darkened, and he looked over the group another time.

Roman scratched his bare chest. “By the way, you got any spare clothes?”


  1. "This [missing] for your own good."

    After reading this, a map or some kind of glossary of all of the places might help keep track of what is what. I'm thinking Sescoria is the capital, but as you'll learn in time, I don't really remember places too well.


    1. Fixed, thank you.

      'n yeah, okay. I'll probably have a map done sometime in the next couple weeks. I've been working on it a little bit already.

    2. If this is all taking place in a single country, you could just feature the country instead of the entire world to make things a little easier

    3. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Atreya isn't a big country, either, so it's not that difficult.

      When the story starts expanding to other countries, I'll begin making maps for them, as well, and perhaps eventually, a map for all of Eleg.

      But that is a long time away. At the current pace, I'd estimate that the story won't even leave Atreya for at least a year. Of real world time, that is.

  2. one actually reacts to suddenly having the Queen in front of them?