Sunday, August 18, 2013

Page 183

Hector gathered his focus and punched Geoffrey in the chest. He broke through the shadow and felt a rib snap. Geoffrey cried out in pain.

The sound of pounding footsteps made Hector turn just in time to see a massive fist pummel into him. He flew and hit the overturned truck, rocking it as the others were still trying to get out. Garovel was there beside him and grabbed his shoulder. Hector felt his creeping fatigue vanish completely.

The big guy helped Geoffrey up and tore the metal off like it was wrapping paper.

Hector stood and saw Roman rounding the vehicle.

“Mr. Roman!” said Geoffrey, holding his chest but still smiling. “A pleasure to see you again!”

Roman squinted. “Voreese, is that who I think it is? I can’t see the face very well.”

Yeah, it is,’ said Voreese. ‘What the fuck are you doing here, you red brat?!

“I am here to kill the Queen.”

Voreese thrashed at the air. ‘Agh! I fucking hate aberrations! But no! Leave it alive, he said! Fuck Vincent! We’re never listening to that asshole again!

“Works for me.” Roman looked at his palms. They began to tremble and burn.

What are aberrations?’ said Garovel.

And Hector couldn’t listen to the other reaper’s response. The big man charged at them, spitting acid first. Roman flipped the pavement up as a shield, and when the acid ate through it, he poured fire into the hole, roasting the giant alive. It wasn’t enough to stop the man, however, so Hector took his cue to uppercut him in the jaw with an iron fist. The giant tumbled through the air and crashed down onto a parked car.

Geoffrey, however, was no longer in sight.

He went around!’ said Garovel.

There came an agonized scream from the other side of the truck, and Hector knew that it belonged to Lynn. He ran.


  1. Noooo not the mortal!!
    Oh well. She was epic while she lasted.

  2. Another independent reaper to bring back Lynn? I think the answer should be yes.

    1. Agreed Ares, agreed.

  3. You're all so quick to assume the worst. I'VE TAUGHT YOU WELL.

    1. Nah, we're just hope for the worst like good readers should. =D

  4. i have learned to never expect a good outcome especially when it comes to Mr. Frost...

    1. You should meet Mr. Andrew Hussie then. ^^

      Really good work here. I am loving the story so far. I might send a few more readers your way if I manage to convince them. XD

    2. Ah, thank you. That would be fantastic. I'm glad you're enjoying.

  5. OMG Reese's reaction to Geoffrey was hilarious!

    How exactly is Roman flipping the ground like he does? I thought that was a one-time fluke but it seems to be a skill of his.

    Ok Lynn is hurt. Good, my plan is coming together. I was thinking that Helen, for some odd reason, gives up her connection with Mehl in order for Mehl to link with Lynn. Let's see if I'm right...