Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Page 188

“Is it really okay to not chase after them?” said Geoffrey.

We could,’ said Ozmere, ‘but Ezmortig and I would have to keep track of them over very long distances while you all catch up. And that could be dangerous for us.

Ezmortig nodded. ‘If we really needed the Queen dead at all costs, then it might be worth the risk, but we don’t. As long as she stays hidden, she won’t be able to hinder us politically.

“And if she’s stupid enough to try something, then we’ll go hunt her down,” said Desmond. “We might wanna put in a request for reinforcements, though. Bit of insurance wouldn’t hurt.”

True,’ said Ezmortig. ‘We did encounter more resistance than expected.

Desmond rolled his neck, stretching it. “Anyway, Geoffrey, are you alright? You don’t regenerate like we do, and that kid got you pretty good.”

Geoffrey rubbed his chest. “Pain is an interesting feeling. I don’t completely dislike it, though it is a bit distracting, I suppose.”

“That’s not what I meant. Aberrations never seem to mind pain very much. But that doesn’t make you immune to injury. If your body starts becoming sluggish, you should find yourself a new one.”

Geoffrey tilted his head. “A new body?”

“Oh, can you not do that yet? Well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon.”

“Really? Do all aberrations have abilities like mine?”

Desmond deferred to Ezmortig.

Your shadow powers, yes. Your ability to control things, no. Aberrations have varying kinds of secondary abilities. We call yours Domination. Unfortunately, it’s not terribly useful against servants. At least, not until you develop it to dizzying degrees.

“What other kinds of abilities can we have?”

They always revolve around the consumption of souls. And they can be quite strange. I know of one aberration who can create black fire. And one who can turn people into glass. Oh, and the most famous example is probably the one who could create localized singularities. He’s dead now, though. I think Sermung had to take him down personally.

“Hmm. I see.”


  1. I keep finding I strangely appear on the site every few minutes, it seems the people magnet you installed on your site is quite effective ;)

    1. Haha, um. Hmm. Don't wear yourself out. If it's because you're waiting for updates, then know that I always update at midnight US Pacific time. And on days when I double post, I also update at noon.

  2. I'm sorry, did you say one aberration was able to create singularities? As in, black holes? As in, HOLY FUCKING SHIT KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE!!!

    And he was *defeated*?!

    This chapter broke me I think...

  3. Broken* as in, those guys are fuckin BROKEN