Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Page 208

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Hector couldn’t make the thoughts explicit, for fear of waking up Garovel, but the ideas still brewed quietly in his mind, never forming conscious words but still unsettling him nonetheless.

He didn’t want to think ill of his parents. They’d taken care of him his entire life. They’d kept a roof over his head, clothes on his back, food in his stomach. They’d given him toys and games and books, his own television, his own computer. Maybe that wasn’t much to some people, but he knew that to others, that was a lot.

And they had never been abusive, which was more than could be said of other people’s parents. He’d seen kids with parents like that. Those were the kids who had it rough, not him, and they endured their pain much better than he did. Surely, they’d love to have parents like his.

He rode the bike to a cemetery and parked it behind a mausoleum, under the shade of a line of trees. He checked inside the building, its stony walls encasing two chambers across, and was a bit surprised to still find the money that he had stolen from Rofal. He fully expected someone to have taken it after two whole weeks, but he supposed this place was an even better hiding spot than he thought. It was dark and peaceful inside, but Garovel had previously given him grief for choosing it, as if he had been trying to make some morbid joke, even though, really, it was a very convenient location.

From here, he made the short walk back to Cedar Street. Seeing his house again, under the amber pull of the evening sun, brought a sense of relief. If nothing else, he was at least glad to have finally made it.

He entered and found his father sitting alone in the den, watching television.


    How will his father react to his sudden appearance after two weeks of absence?
    What about Micah and the others?
    What are Roman and the rest up to?
    Will this third bike ever be smashed into bits?
    Up next, on "The Zombie Knight"!

    1. Nothin' quite like those middle-of-the-chapter cliffhangers, eh?

  2. Middle of the chapter? it just began, and we just got past an arc as you so said... its more like an early chapter pre-drama part... i think... ok probably not a pre-drama part but you know, anything can happen

  3. Food in HIS stomach, I think.

  4. I found this from . Not caught up yet, obviously, but just had a comment as I read. Wanted to post guesses and thoughts before going on and seeing them confirmed.
    I think the parents will notice, at least his mom will. Because the school would have noticed, and called his mom.

  5. Blast it. Iwanted to stay away for at least 2 days but I couldn't. I need to know what happens!

    Finally, Hector's really giving some thought to his life. I'm glad. And man, I wwannasee what's gonna happen between him and his father...