Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Page 211

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The stranger was an elderly gent, shriveled and gray but wearing bright eyes and a big smile. And he had a reaper with him.

Geoffrey immediately forgot about his human toys and went to greet them.

“Hello and welcome!” Geoffrey said cheerily. “Might I ask what brings you here?”

The old man looked at him eagerly. “Boo!” he said, shaking both hands in front of him.

Geoffrey just blinked. And then realized that he couldn’t move his body. He struggled, but an invisible force held him fast.

The old man laughed. “Just kidding!” He released him, and Geoffrey stumbled back a step.

Sorry,’ the reaper said. ‘He’s just excited to meet you. You are Geoffrey Rofal, yes?

“Yes. Who are you?”

I am Feromas, and this is Damian Rofal. He is your grandfather.

Geoffrey blinked again. Then a few more times.

“Howdy, Grandson! How’s the business?! Not so great, by the looks of things! Aha! Did you kill all your subordinates?! That’s not a very smart thing to do, you little scamp!”

“You are truly my grandfather?”

“Of course!”

I hope you’ll forgive us for not attending Joseph’s funeral. The family doesn’t usually tell Damian things anymore. They think he doesn’t know what they’re saying.

“They think I’m a lunatic! Aha!”

Which is only half-right.

“Shut your hole, Feromas! I’m sharp as a tack, I am!”

The reaper eyed Geoffrey. ‘We figured you’d need some help running things. The family doesn’t have any other willing participants who aren’t also scared shitless of you, and Damian’s been restless lately, anyway.

“I’m like a caterpillar!”

Oh, he’s gone again. Don’t mind anything he says for the next twenty minutes or so.

“Would you like to see a magic trick, young man?! Bring me ten rabbits, ten hats, and one machete!”

Geoffrey smiled. “I like your style, Grandpa.”


  1. NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER WITH ONE LINE "ten rabbits, ten hats, and one machete" :3

    1. One machete is easy. It gets tricky once you get up to three and start juggling them all at once.

  2. I guess that's where Geoffrey gets a bit of his personality.

  3. I struggle and fail to comprehend what he'd do with them, aside from the profusion of innocent rabbit blood.

  4. "Geoffrey blinked again. Then a few more times."

    Perfect line cause that's exactly what I did. I actually thought it might be a leader of Abolish for a second, crazy as that sounds. Although, I do remember thinking that the grandfather, when Geoffrey's uncle mentioned him, might become important, but I completely forgot bout him in light of other characters showing up. I wanna know though, how is he borderline senile? Shouldn't he be immortal? I mean, did Feromas make him a servant when he was already old? That doesn't seem like such a good idea...

  5. Madness... It runs in the blood