Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Page 210

--donation bonus (day #8, post 4/5)--
“Yeah... so, uh... we’re back in Brighton, but... what the hell do we do now?”

Well. Roman’s note said we have a few months before Atreya goes to war. So. I think the only logical thing to do is to focus on increasing your ability with iron until our allies return to retake Sescoria.

“We just leave Abolish and Geoffrey to run wild? They’re going to be slaughtering people...”

What’s the alternative? Rush in to stop them on our own? We’ll die, and then there really won’t be anyone to protect the civilians here.

“I guess so...”

But in a way, you’re correct. We can’t just sit here and have you try to meditate your way to victory. That’s not going to work. Meditation is okay for steady growth, but it’s not fast enough. To stand a chance, we need to press you harder.

“And how do we do that?”

Simple,’ said Garovel. ‘We go looking for trouble.


Geoffrey’s return to the Rofal mansion had been a decidedly quiet one. Desmond had wanted him to stay in Sescoria, but Geoffrey thought he should be in Brighton in order to continue the family business. To his great disappointment, however, no one was here to meet him. For the past few days, he’d had the entire house to himself.

So he fixed that.

Dozens of living puppets wandered the corridors. He made a game of it, controlling them all from his office, seeing through their eyes, rifling through their minds, and putting on a veritable play by having them interact with each other in various ways--sometimes peaceably, most times not.

It amused him while he waited for the phone to ring, but then there came a delightful surprise when one of his puppets saw someone venture through the front entrance, someone not under his control.


  1. There should be a thing at the top of each post that says when it was posted.
    I just got back from school, and I want to know how long to wait for each post on bonus days. :3

    1. On bonus days, it's five hours between each post.

  2. there needs to be a game based on this

    1. Like a drinking game? We could start making rules

    2. Take a shot whenever Hector crashes a bike. Three if it's a revenant.
      Take a shot whenever Hector loses a member. Two if he loses ALL members. Three is Geoffrey is the cause.

  3. Oh God...Garovel and his "brilliant" ideas...

    Geoffrey just loves creeping me out, doesnt he? And I hope that's not Hector that intruded (I'd flip my shit). I'm hoping that you're trying a bit of misdirection, and it's some new person entirely.