Monday, August 5, 2013

Page 169

“Run away!” Hector told the reapers. He pulled himself out of the fountain, soaked and crawling.

“They won’t run,” said Desmond. “What do you think’ll happen if they abandon you here? Eventually, you’ll stop coming back to life on your own, and they won’t be able to find new servants, because they’re still bound to you. I’ll put your brains in nice little jars, and then hunt the reapers down at my leisure. And besides--” He pierced his own chest with his hand. “--I’ve got something for runners.” He pulled out his heart. Its pulsing, crimson flesh began to darken.

Mehlsanz and Garovel went underground.

“That won’t save you!” Desmond laughed, rearing his arm back.

Hector gritted his teeth and pumped his fist sideways.

Desmond’s throw had the force of a cannon. The heart did not leave his grasp, however. He looked at his hand and saw it enveloped in metal. “Aw, you fuck--!”

The metal turned to dust just before the heart exploded. Desmond’s body blew apart like a watermelon wrapped in dynamite.

Hector rolled over onto his back. ‘I got him...

Really?’ Garovel poked his head out of the ground. ‘Wow, Hector... I thought we were dead for sure.

He just took a heavy breath. The Queen’s head was regenerating, and Lynnette was still motionless.

Did you kill Ezmortig, though?

No.’ He saw Ezmortig in the sky. ‘And I can’t reach him, either...

Then we only have a few minutes,’ said Garovel. ‘We should leave while we can.

Maybe that other guy can reach--

Roman came tumbling past, bouncing across the walkway and skidding into a tree. So much of his skin and muscle was melted off that half his skeleton was visible. Green and yellow steam hissed around his body. He could still move, however, and wore a scowl on what remained of his face.


  1. Awws. I finished all of them already! I can't wait to read more. I couldn't stop reading between doing my chores and things until now, and it's like one in the morning here now, so I guess I should get some sleep now.
    Your story is so addictive! :D

    1. Haha, it's so nice that people can leave such wonderful comments like this on pages where characters are being turned into meaty chunks.

  2. Like a watermelon wrapped in dynamite? Shouldn't that be "filled with" or something?

    So liking the story, by the way. When I saw the title I thought it would be some kind of weirdness comic, but it's really a fascinating story.

    1. Mm, I think either phrasing works the imagery.

      Great to have you. Glad you're enjoying. And by your username, I'm assuming you're a Whovian. WHICH IS COOL AS HELL, BY THE WAY.

  3. So Hector doesn't need to originate the metal from his body: he can materialize it anywhere. Huge difference there. And, very nice use of it.

  4. Was that Heart Attack (get it?) Desmond's ultimate attack or something? How was the heart gonna act any different from any other body part he threw?

    Battle-damaged Roman looks cool.

  5. I am loving how gory these fight scenes get. It's like an infinite chunky salsa dispenser.

  6. Although the chunky salsa rule doesn't really apply here. Other than that, wat

  7. I had the same question, but I think that since servant powers are partly imaginary, a body part with strong psychological significance might have quantifiably greater performance when used in transfiguration.

  8. "like a watermelon with dynamite inside," perhaps?

  9. I thought that he just thought it was cool to kill people with the Power Of Heart, or something like that.