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Page 198 -- XXII.

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“Have someone?” said Roman. “Please. I do all my forgeries myself.”

Ah, of course.

“That’s why I said two days. I need time to work.”

Make me one, too!

“Not this again. Voreese, I swear--”

C’mon. Just the ID. You can skip all the other stuff.


Tch.’ She turned to Helen and Mehlsanz. ‘He refuses to make me a fake ID, even as a joke. It wouldn’t even be that much work for him. He’s so lazy. Doesn’t care about my happiness at all.

“Y’know what? Fine. One day, when the entire country isn’t in danger, I’ll do that for you. Okay? Happy now?”


“And for your photo, I’ll use a picture of an actual bitch.”

Maybe you should change yours to a picture of an actual cock!

Chapter Twenty-Two: ‘Quiet guardian, take respite...’
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First, the chin regrew. Bone cracked into existence, followed by arteries and muscles, then tendons, cartilage, meager fat, and dark brown skin. His neck drew out, down to the shoulders, then the chest and arms. And soon enough, Hector’s body was restored in full.

He did not wake immediately, however. He lay lifeless for several days more before his eyes finally opened again.

He sat up. He was in a bed, he saw, and a rather large one at that. The room held an air of wealth and comfort, but he didn’t spare it much attention as he saw Garovel there next to him.

The image of the reaper was weak, almost transparent, like a cloth stretched thin enough that light shone through the weaves.

There are clothes on the chair behind you.

It wasn’t exactly his typical wardrobe. The black jeans felt soft and expensive, but they were too broad, so he had to use the accompanying belt with its flashy silver buckle.

Thank you for protecting me. I certainly would have died if you hadn’t shielded me the way you did.


  1. I swear, if Roman and Reese were the same species, I'd be saying for them to get a room

    Nice that we didn't have to wait long for the MCs to regain consciousness