Thursday, August 29, 2013

Page 213

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Hey, hold on a minute,’ said Feromas. ‘Don’t you have questions for us?

Geoffrey paused. “Mm, not particularly.”

But... aren’t you curious about what I am? Or why you’re so different from normal people?

“I already know both of those things. You are a reaper, and I am an aberration.”

Feromas furrowed his brow. ‘How the hell do you know that, already?

“I met some people from Abolish. And they--”

Damian snapped back. “Abolish is here in Atreya? Ah, were they behind the incident in Sescoria a couple weeks back?”

“Yeah. I was there with them. It was a lot of fun.” Geoffrey tilted his head. “Though, I suppose I am curious as to why I am only meeting you just now. If you knew I was an aberration all this time, then why did you not tell me when I was younger?”

Feromas nodded. ‘That’s because of this asshole. He created you without me knowing and then completely forgot about you. It wasn’t until your aunt visited him a couple days ago to inform him of Joseph’s death that your name came up.

“And I suddenly remembered!” said Damian. “How is your mother, by the way? I haven’t seen her in ages.”

“Neither have I,” said Geoffrey. “But wait a minute. You created me? How?”

“Oh, did your friends in Abolish not tell you?” said Damian. “It’s a delightful process, see. First, you have to capture a reaper. And make sure they don’t have a servant’s soul attached to them, or it just complicates things. Then, you need a man and a woman, and they both need to possess the reapers’ genetic trait. And then, after the woman becomes pregnant, you perform a soul-transfusion, carving out the emerging soul of the child and replacing it with the reaper’s soul you captured earlier. If all goes well, the resulting soul will be reborn with a new mind and a new body, and you will be rewarded with a wonderful little aberration baby.”


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    1. Dude...


      that is...


    2. Welcome to The Zombie Knight fandom.
      We have reaper shaped cookies and cookie shaped reapers.
      What are the brownies shaped like?
      I dunno.
      Ask Geoffrey. He made them.

    3. You forgot to tell the people about the dandy little gift baskets and the nifty hats we give to people =T

    4. Are the hats shaped like skulls? Because it would take a lot of craftsmanship to make them look like skulls. If I didn't know any better I might even believe they are skulls...


  2. That sounds like a time consuming process to create an aberration...

    How the hell Feromas didn't gain any knowledge to that time consuming process?
    Ah, Damian mental condition!

  3. ...good job making the process of creating an aberration both unique to your world and suitably horrifying. You had some buildup to live up to. You did. Anybody have a therapy bunny?

  4. Wow, that sure is an Unreveal. XD Seriously, though, that sounds like how you kill a sycophant in Leven Thumps.

  5. So did NOT see that coming...

    But how in the world did Damian accomplish that, let alone keeping it from Feromas (whether purposely ot not)? What, did Feromas take a vacation and Damian took that opportunity do it? Does Geoffrey's mother not remember this? What in the world?


  6. I do. Ten of them and a hat. And a machete.

  7. That might explain why the reaper gen is going extinct õ.O

  8. I was RIGHT!
    My guess earlier tonight (Quite a few chapters back)
    Was that Abberations were Reapers bonded to soul free babies. Of course, this was before the word Abberation, and I thought he was a fairy. You know, Changelings... guess, I was like what... 3/4ers right?

  9. The reaper from the capital lied about the children of the void... Or that's what that fanatic believe...
    The process to make an aberration is horrifying

  10. Nicolas Sagrillo de AraujoApril 17, 2015 at 7:43 AM

    what if the reaper has a servant.