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“Hmm.” Roman looked over everyone and adjusted his glasses again. “Well, we don’t have any idea where Sai-hee’s people are, so I still think we should try the Vanguard in Korgum, first.”

“I agree.”

Mehlsanz ruffled her feathers but nodded. ‘We must be very cautious.

What about Hector and Garovel?’ said Voreese. ‘They’re gonna be out of commission for at least a week. Probably more.

“We can’t wait that long,” said Roman. “I wanna be out of here within two days.”

You could just carry Hector’s head with us,’ said Voreese.

“Eh. I don’t think we should take them out of the country without their permission. They might have a reason to stay in Atreya. How much do we even know about them?”

Not much,’ said Mehlsanz. ‘I worked with Garovel some thirty years ago, and he seems more or less the same. Which is a good thing. But I know nothing about Hector.

Helen looked at the helm. “We know that he protected us. That is not nothing.”

“We also know that Garovel said they weren’t prepared to die for you,” said Roman. “And then they were both nearly killed.”

Helen gave a slow nod.

“They can stay here. Gina will take care of them. And besides, I really don’t wanna try to smuggle a severed head into a foreign country. I hear people frown upon that sort of thing.”

“Very well.”

“What about your sword girl? Should we take her?”

“I cannot send Lynnette back to Sescoria. Abolish will kill her.”

“Oh yeah.”

“If she wishes it, then I would have her accompany us.”

“Alright.” Roman stood and stretched his arms. “I already have plenty of spare identities for myself, so we’ll only need two more.”

You have someone who can provide fake documentation?’ Mehlsanz asked.


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  2. Wow.
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    1. Ha, thank you. That does mean a lot to me.

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  3. "How much do [even we] know about them?", shouldn't that be "how much do we even know about them?"

  4. Yes, it should. Thanks for the catch.

  5. Shit, I would have gone for the neutral forces if i was in their place...

    I'm glad the group still respects Garovel and Hector's opinion enough to let them recover in Atreya.