Monday, August 19, 2013

Page 185

Roll it back over!’ said Mehlsanz.

Helen obliged, and the battered truck’s tires met pavement again.

Roman came flying overhead with Hector’s motorcycle on top of him. He hit the ground, and the bike popped his gut open like a balloon, spilling entrails all over the road.

The giant bounded over the truck as well and started stomping toward Roman, but then he spotted Mehlsanz and swatted at her. She ducked under his hand and phased into the ground. Gushing acid followed her, melting through the road.

Hector and Helen double-teamed him. He covered the man’s face in iron and gave her the opening to land a punch with all her might. The big guy soared through a lamp post and all the way into Gerald’s garage.

Everyone in the truck now!’ said Garovel. Mehlsanz appeared behind him, smoldering slightly but not complaining.

The Queen jumped into the driver’s seat while Hector went to retrieve Roman and the bike.

Lynn climbed into the back. A massive, yellow-green boa reared up over the edge of the truck bed, hissing at her.

“You will be my friend!” came Geoffrey’s distant shout.

The snake lunged for her, and she hacked its head off.

Geoffrey opened his mouth as if to say something but just ended up frowning instead.

Helen pulled up next to the boys. Roman could barely stand, so Hector helped him into the back with Lynn.

I see Desmond!’ Mehlsanz warned.

Hector climbed in himself, and Helen slammed on the gas. He looked back to keep his eyes on Desmond, but what he saw instead was a red streak, flying toward Garovel. It snagged the reaper and yanked him back.

Hector leapt from the vehicle as it sped away.

“Hector?!” Lynn yelled after him. “What are you doing?!”


  1. "Geoffrey opened [him] mouth as if to say..."

    I believe that should be his.

  2. The snake bit made me lol a-plenty.

  3. OMG the snake part!!! I lol'ed my ass off. It was like watching a children have candy taken from them. LOL!

  4. Okay, here is an odd not-really typo: In the ebook version of "‘I see Desmond!’ Mehlsanz warned." The exclamation point is kind of swallowed up by the single closing quotation mark. I assume this is due to "I see Desmond!" being in italics, but not the quotations marks themselves. Maybe expanding the italics to the quotation marks would remedy that, if you care about such stuff.

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    What's RD?