Saturday, August 3, 2013

Page 167

And I’m Voreese.’ Yet another reaper appeared, straight out of the ground. ‘This is our land, you shitheads.

“Oh, shut up,” said Roman. “No one cares what you have to say.”

Fucking brat! I’m the important one here! You’re just my servant!

“You’d be dead if it wasn’t for me!”

No, you would! I’d have found a different servant! One who didn’t give me so much lip, you four-eyed fuckwit!

“Imaginary bitch!”

The Queen set Hector down as his hands and feet began to form, bones emerging before the flesh around them.

Desmond rolled his neck and cracked his knuckles. “We’re more than happy to kill you newcomers along with everyone else.”

The big man charged at Voreese.

Roman slammed his foot down. The ground heaved up and flipped the big man toward Desmond like a pancake.

Desmond just moved out of the way.

Roman tossed his white coat to Hector. “C’mon, kid. This is no time to be free-ballin’ it.”

Hector turned beet red and hurriedly wrapped the cloth around his waist. He held it there with an iron band.

Another sizzling arm flew at the group.

Roman swatted it straight up into the air, and it exploded harmlessly. The big guy’s gut bulged, and a second later, he vomited acid.

The left side of Roman’s face and torso melted away, revealing raw bone and gooey, bubbling muscle. Undeterred, he raised a fist. It trembled and started crackling red, creating visible smoke. He put the hand out. Orange flames poured forth.

Their opponents split up to avoid the fire, and Roman pursued the big man.

What kind of ability does that guy have?!’ Hector was back on his feet.

Vibration of some sort. Keep your eyes on Desmond.

Hector saw him approaching from the side. Desmond was still regrowing his arm. “I’ll hold his attention,” Hector whispered to the ladies. “Try to get behind him and take his head off.”

“Very well,” said Helen.

Lynnette nodded and readied her sword.


  1. I forget is roman one of the pancake house five or some random new dude?

    Also how does one vibrate the air to set on fire? Is it the individual molecules forced into friction against each other and thus undergoing combustion? Because then the nitrogen should light a little more violently.

    1. Also real quick is there a reason some servants like Desmond regenerate faster than others?

    2. He is indeed one of the five.

      As for the second question, for now I'll only say that the vibration power cause his flesh to ignite, not the air.

      And for the last question... interesting thought, but that wasn't the intention in this scene. But I won't say "no," either. Could still happen in the future.

  2. I giggled at the "freeballin" part

  3. I....LOVE Roman!!! I know he's a villain but please turn him into anti-hero!!!

  4. heating the air by vibrating it effectively turns it into flames, even if it does not set it on fire. Flames are just heated gases. (I think)