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Page 207 -- XXIII.

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A week is rather specific,’ said Garovel. ‘How do you know it took them that long?

Well, on the way back, the cops were really happy. Um... they told me it was amazing, because I’d been missing for three weeks... and I knew it had been longer.

Garovel was briefly quiet again. ‘Well, shit, Hector. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was that bad.

I... it’s not, I mean... if I’d been able to explain to the foster care people, then maybe... but I... I just--

No. Stop that. It’s definitely not your fault. What I want to know is how Child Services never took you away from your parents.

Ch-Child Services? I, uh... I don’t, ah...

Bah. How did they not realize it was a case of neglect? Was the incident reported as a child abduction? Or maybe they just thought you ran away?

I don’t know about any of that, um... I mean, n-neglect? R-really, it’s not like... uh...

Hector. It’s one thing for your parents to be a bit distant from you or not really take an interest in your life as a teenager. It’s sure-as-fuck something else for them to forget about their ten-year-old son in another city.

The bike started drifting toward the shoulder, and he had to correct its path. ‘It-it’s fine, though. I mean, I’ve never thought of it like that, so...

Of course you haven’t. It’s how you’ve grown up. But that doesn’t make it okay.

Hector had no response.

Chapter Twenty-Three: ‘Thy beloved kinship...’
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The remainder of the journey was quiet. Garovel took the chance to rest, with the advisement that Hector should wake him should he get lost, but it was a straight shot the rest of the way, so Hector wasn’t too concerned.

Rather, he was more worried about Garovel’s obvious disdain for his parents. Even as he saw Brighton’s towers appearing over the horizon, it was still bothering him.


  1. And that concludes the second major story arc. Here begins the third.

  2. "The bike started drifting toward the should"
    I think you missed one over here? ^^

  3. All of the details around Hector's disappearance are making me wonder if he was human at the start of the story or just something that was spirited into existance.

    Would you mind answering a "what if" scenario? If Geoffrey was killed by Hector, would it be possible for another reaper to revive him as a servant? And if this were the case, would that mean Geoffrey would have two abilities then? (assuming he only has one now)

    Feel free to delete this if I happened to spoil any future plot points.


    1. I like your thinking =D

    2. Oh, I wouldn't delete any speculative comments, even if they were right on the money. I love seeing speculation. And it's even better when other people join in to discuss it with the original commenter. I'd only delete comments that went back and confirmed speculation after reading further on.

      And hmm. After debating with myself for a while, I'm not going to answer to answer your scenario. Sorry. I'm not sure when the story will get around to answering that for you, but it will. EVENTUALLY.

      Oh, and no. Hector wasn't spirited into existence or anything. He was always a real person.

  4. I keep rereading this and I feel like there is something missing, but I think my brain wont let me see it xP

    1. Hmm. I went back and reworded a couple things. Maybe it's clearer now.

    2. Alright, sorry about that, i was up late reading from my phone for the first time since i first started reading this.

  5. "‘Bah. Did they not realize it w. Was the incident reported as a child abduction? Or maybe they just thought you ran away?’ "
    It looks like you accidentaly a thing :3
    Lovely story so far. I always look forward to reading your updates! :D

    1. Agh, man. I don't why I fucked up this particular post so badly. Haha, I'm so sorry, everyone. I edit things and then just introduce other friggin' typos, apparently.

      Thank you, though. That does make me feel better, haha.

  6. It’s sure-as-fuck something else for them to forget about their ten-year-old son in another city.
    it seems to me "about" shouldn't be there

    should he got lost

    1. First one is actually okay. Use of "about" is optional. Second one is definitely a typo, though, so thank you.

    2. I guess. It just seems awkward to me, like, "while they were in another city they forgot about their son", meaning "they forgot they HAD a son" instead of "they forgot to pack their son in their luggage".

    3. Both of those interpretations are applicable. Apart from lovely the child-packing imagery, that is.

  7. "I never of thought" needs a flip.

  8. Masterful work, Mr. Frost

  9. Thank you for having Garovel have the same reaction I did.

    All in all, this was a fantastic follow-up to the first volume. You introduced quite a few characters and I love all of them. The fight scenes were exciting and I even held my breath at some points. This makes me all the more pumped for the next volume. But I know I must take a break. Can't blaze through your brilliant work too fast. Then I'd have a bit of a crisis when I catch up to everyone else lol.

    Til next time, Mr. Frost