Thursday, August 29, 2013

Page 215 -- XXIV.

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Chapter Twenty-Four: ‘Be not troubled...’
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Hector’s eyes drooped as he listened to his mathematics teacher talk about something he didn’t understand in the slightest. Garovel was resting on his shoulders, so there was no one to stop Hector from drifting off.

It had been an eventful night. It was the first time they had patrolled the city without a specific purpose. And finding trouble at random was not as easy as Hector thought it would be. Garovel found a building fire, but by the time Hector reached it, firefighters already had it under control. They followed a police car around for a while, but it only led them to places where people had called in noise complaints or some such thing.

After a while, however, they switched tactics. Garovel haunted a series of seedy bars and strip clubs until he heard rumors of some river operation on the east side of town. And by the end of the night, Hector had trounced three dozen thugs, sunken a boat full of illegal weapons, and fled from the police. His motorcycle had earned a few bullets holes, which he patched with iron. There was no saving the paint job, though.

He’d argued with Garovel briefly about attending school. Hector thought it was a waste of time with everything else going on, but the reaper seemed adamant that he at least make an appearance, if for no other reason than to abate worry from people who hadn’t seen him in two weeks. Hector agreed, but only on the condition that Garovel use the opportunity to rest.

So far, Hector had yet to see Micah or any of the others, but the day was still young. And as soon his first class let out, Sheryl came up to him.


  1. "trounced three dozens " think you meant dozen. Love the story.

  2. Oooooooh! Sheryl is back! 8D

    1. Ha. I didn't realize she had fans.

    2. Just because she makes Hector adorably uncomfortable and I know how he feels, that's all. XD

  3. Who the Hell is Sheryl?

    *reads comments*

    Ohh! Sorry, it's hard to remember another young female character after the awesomeness that was Lynnette.

  4. Garovel must have had a lot of fun those nights...*cough* stripclubs *cough*