Sunday, September 1, 2013

Page 219

“How is your plan going, by the way?” Geoffrey asked.

Well, Prince Gabriel has been cooperative, though he doesn’t know the full extent of our plans, of course. The King, though, has been resistant. To his credit, he didn’t concede any ground until Desmond ripped his arm off.

“Ooh! Can I have the arm?!”

Um. I’m not sure what we did with it. Sorry.


If you’d stayed, you could’ve torn it off yourself.

“There is no need to rub it in.”

I’m pretty sure we’ll have to kill the King sooner or later. You can still come back and be a part of that, you know.

“Hmm. Let us find Mr. Colt quickly, then.”

They visited the diner first but found no useful information. Geoffrey immediately wanted to kill the last person they talked to out of sheer disappointment, but Moss hoisted him over his shoulder and left the diner.

It would be some hours before they finally found a candidate. The elderly receptionist of a ratty motel paused to think a moment when Geoffrey asked about a man with two babies.

“Hmm.” The man smirked. “Perhaps if I had something to refresh my memory...” He tapped the wooden counter in front of him.

“That will not be necessary.” Geoffrey looked at Ozmere, who nodded. He grinned as the red shade poured forth.

The man’s scream died in his mouth, and his eyes hollowed out into flaming shadows.

Geoffrey could see the memories. An entire life--dimensioned and complicated, sad and happy, regretful and grateful.

It bored him.

He searched for the face he wanted to see, as simple as if the memories had been his own. “Ah!” said Geoffrey. “Hello, Mr. Colt.”

Do you know where he went?

“I know who to ask next.”

Lead on, then.


Hector made it to the end of the school day. He was anxious about carpentry club, as he figured it to be the only other place where his absence might have been noticed.


  1. Awwww, I like the King. D:
    Welp. Guess I should be used to it.
    Between you and Hussie, I have grown used to having my favorite characters either dying or close to it.
    Mostly dying. XD

    1. I love having jaded readers. Makes me feel like I belong.

    2. Just think of it as "the King had it coming"

      Because let's face it, you don't reach the top without making a few enemies. The problem is when you make enemies out of people who won't stay dead. But that is enough talk about the lawyers, time to go back to zombies.


    3. Just caUght Up on hUssie's 'HomeStUck' xD

      finally got back to reading thing at the same time, been of my laptop for like... 5 days i think?

      And finally i have this feeling the king could end up like his wife (the queen) a servent

  2. 2 Questions: Could Hector animate his iron into things like golems? I mean he could if he puppeted them but I mean like moving of their own accord. Also Could he boost the iron levels in his blood in a pinch so if a knife came through his brain all of a sudden his blood is solid iron stopping the knife?

    1. 1) Hector can't create autonomous beings.

      2) Materializing something INSIDE of something solid is ridiculously difficult to do. But even disregarding that, in order to a stop a knife, he'd need more iron than blood, and materializing that much iron inside his own brain would probably just kill him.

    2. Based on the initial description of his powers, by Garovel, puppetry is still plausible though.
      Personally I feel it would be easier -and more effective- to create iron in an enemy directly or reshape an iron blade into an enemy without moving than to create and control any form of mobile construct.

    3. The description being just vague enough to get away with it: page 52
      ‘What you create is yours completely. You have dominion over its existence. For instance, if you create a fully iron sword, you could then destroy it utterly, leaving no trace. But if you came upon an iron sword which already existed, you wouldn't have that same power over it, because you didn't create it.’
      This leaves manipulation possible but unconfirmed with his power.

  3. I know Damian might not like that Geoffrey is helping Abolish but man I love that Geoffrey's finally found some like-minded individuals. That hotel dude was an idiot, it's possible he could have survived that if he had just been cooperative. I feel bad for the King. I hope if anything they don't make him into a servant. That'd suck for him and Helen, though it'd leave the door open for Lynn to become Mehl's new servant if Helen wanted freedom after killing her own husband. Just saying...

    Let's see what happens with Hector in the carpentry club...