Friday, September 13, 2013

Page 234

Hector rummaged through his bag until he found it--the burner phone Colt had given him. At Garovel’s behest, he hadn’t taken it with him to Sescoria. The reaper had posited that if Colt were to call while they were in the capital, then there would be nothing Hector could do about it; therefore, it was better to leave it here in Brighton, where it would not get destroyed if things went badly. Certainly, one of the reaper’s more prophetic suggestions. Garovel had to remind him to recharge it as soon as he had returned home.

There was a single text message, received less than two minutes ago. Hector read it.

He immediately grabbed his bag and bolted out the door.


Another row of cars blocked the way, and Colt was forced to turn again. Nearly an hour had passed since the clothing store, and he had been drawn into a losing game of cat and mouse. Much as he tried to find a way around, the minions were slowly forcing him toward the port.

He knew their plan, but there wasn’t much to be done about it. They obviously wanted to corner him against the water, where he would have nowhere left to run unless he intended to commandeer a boat; but if that were even an option, it would probably just be an even worse trap.

Colt just wanted to buy time for Hector. Delroy was nearly two hours away from Brighton. The kid had texted him back, but Colt hadn’t found the opportunity to stop and read it, much less reply. His hands were busy trying to prevent a car crash as he weaved his way through the streets.

He could often see a silver-white car in the rear-view mirror, along with a big, red hand waving hello from out of the driver’s side window. Colt would lose him, only to see the car reappear a few minutes later.

At length, he ran out of road. The Gulf of Emerson filled the horizon, and only a long shipyard lay between Colt and the turbulent waters.


  1. Welp, that answers one of my questions. Geoffrey IS in Delroy... which makes up for a worst case scenario for our heroes. Considering how fast can Geoffrey posses people, it means he has almost unlimited cops to throw at them.

    Even worse than that. If we assume that Geoffrey would radio contact once those cops are possessed, the police would assume that they've been killed by Colt (he's a wanted man, pressumed armed and VERY dangerous, after all), so it's a matter of time until the army gets sent... which gives Geoffrey waaaaaay too much ammo. And access to better weapons... Weapons that wouldn't be stopped by an armor.

    1. shanara99 you forgot the worst part.
      Killing Geoffrey's puppets means he has to get new ones.
      To get new puppets he has to eat peoples souls.
      Each time he eats a soul he gets stronger.
      Predict the result if this continued for even 2 days.

    2. Oh yah, you're absolutly right. The more puppets are created, the more power Geoffrey gains. And it's not just killing them... if you evade them for too long, he'll need to create new puppets that are closer. Maaan, this could turn bad, REALLY soon.

    3. And now, the weather.

    4. I am hoping he does go on a eating binge, at least if the world plays true. Great way to get unwanted attention from those with the power to squish him.

      In an unrelated note, my older brother is named Geoffrey. Is it all right with you if I call him a soul-sucking abomination?

    5. Iridium: Sure. As long as you don't start checking to see if he can't be killed by physical objects.

  2. Along with A big, red hand?

  3. This passed "bad" long ago, but it just went from worse to FUBAR

  4. So his cell phone's battery did not run out even though he hadn't charged it when he went to the Capital and only remembered it now?

  5. Hmm. That's a fair point. Also doesn't make sense 'cuz Hector gave his number to Gina, so he should probably remember that he has a cellphone.

    Tweaked the dialogue at the end of the last page and added another line of exposition to this one.

    Thanks for the check.