Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Page 242

Geoffrey looked between everyone again. “Why did you all go quiet?”

Because your friend Ozmere recognizes me,’ said Feromas. ‘Isn’t that right?

You are Feromas...

I am.

And is this...?

His name is Damian Rofal, now. But he is the same servant, yes.

Ozmere floated back toward the door, and Moss stepped in front of him. ‘L-look,’ the reaper said, ‘I have nothing but the greatest respect for someone of your caliber. We have no quarrel with you.

“That’s too bad,” said Damian.

No, please! St--!

Damian raised a hand. There came a sudden flash and a great crunch as Ozmere and Moss were both obliterated.

Wide-eyed, Geoffrey could see the air visibly distorted in the spaces where their bodies used to be. A shockwave passed over Geoffrey as the air refilled the vacuum, and all that remained was a thin vapor. After a moment, that too disappeared.

It took Geoffrey a second to even begin understanding what had happened. “Grandpa, what the hell?!”

“I’m sorry, Geoffrey. I know they were your friends. I should have told you before not to bring any members of Abolish here.”

“Why did you kill them?!”

Because no one can know that Damian and I are still alive,’ said Feromas.

Geoffrey eyed the empty space again. “But! What did you even do to them?!”

“I reduced them to little more than dust particles,” said Damian. “Though, I suppose in the reaper’s case, there is genuinely no trace left, as there was no body mass in the first place.”

Geoffrey just stared at him.

“If you like, I don’t mind you going to Sescoria to play with the other members of Abolish,” the old man said, “but they can never know of what happened here. In fact, don’t even tell them that you have a grandfather.”


  1. That makes me sad.
    I hoped Geoffrey would kill them later and have two servant puppets.
    Would servants keep their powers if Geoffrey turned them into puppets if so would Geoffrey be able to use the powers independently as well and be able to keep the powers if the servants were destroyed.

    1. Nope. Remember Hector and Geoffrey's first fight? Geoffrey tried to turn Hector into his puppet, but it didn't work. Servant souls are under the protection of their reapers. And obviously, if Geoffrey just consumes the reaper's soul instead, then that's just killing them; there wouldn't be a body left to control afterwards.

    2. I don't think Geoffrey can make puppets out of servants. And I have reasons for that. Servants don't have human souls. In fact, the source of their powers is having un-human souls. A servant's soul is linked and merged at least partially with a reaper.

      Now, abominations ARE a different method of mixing reapers and humans, which is why they can see reapers, and have special powers.

      But a general rule of the universe is that reapers can't interact with each other directly. While Geoffrey obviously has the capacity to HURT reapers (That's one ability derived from his human side), he can do nothing to consume a reaper, or a merged soul (a limitation derived from his reaper side).

      But even if I was wrong, and Geoffrey was able to consume servants' souls, those puppets wouldn't be able to use their powers, as they are derived from the soul-reaper merge, which would exist no longer. Remember that's been established that NOTHING of the original persona remains on the puppet, other than physical characteristics. And without the soul-reaper combo, those bodies are, essentially, corpses.

    3. Meh, Frost answered as I was typing my own answer. Seems I was essentially right, too xD

  2. Well that little display answered one question: why does Feromas stick with Damian when he's half mad and difficult. Answer: he's incredibly powerful and Feromas needs the protection.

  3. And of course, Damian is his descendant. Blood sticks with Blood, right?

  4. Wha...what even was that power? I would say that Damian's power is like Vincent's except for the fact that neither Aerokinesis or Telekinesis can fucking do what Damian just did. The closest thing I could describe Damian's power to is Gravity Control. But you already had an aberration be able to make black holes which is similar. I just dunno what to make of Damian...

    One thing is for sure, Geoffrey has an ally that completely trumps all of Hector's. I mean, just how powerful *is* Damian if he gives no thoughts to Geoffrey going to Abolish. It's like, Geoffrey can go have fun with Abolish, but if they hurt him, Damian will raise Hell. That's the feeling I got from this chapter...

  5. THAT IS SHIT SO FUCKING BROKEN. Reminds me of Tatsuya of the Mahouka light novels a bit (the anime is shite): breaking matter down to the molecular level of something. Pretty cool.

  6. Ah yes. Always a good idea to keep the god level characters on the sidelines. Also, I just thought of something. When reapers see other reapers, do they also project their own idea of what they should look like, or is there some objectivity to their appearance?

  7. Sebastian KnightJuly 12, 2015 at 4:12 PM

    I would have thought that Reapers sense other Reapers more directly.

  8. Sebastian KnightJuly 12, 2015 at 4:16 PM

    YES! Let our enemies fight each other and slaughter themselves until we come in at to rip the survivors flesh from their bones!

  9. Sebastian KnightJuly 12, 2015 at 4:17 PM

    But Damian has the issue of not always being lucid, and may not even help Geoffrey all that much, at least when it is Geoffrey that is getting into fights.