Sunday, September 15, 2013

Page 237

Well, at least you got to kill him,’ said Ozmere. ‘He was a wanted man, right? Imagine if someone else had gotten him before you.

Geoffrey just pouted.

Ozmere frowned as well. ‘I suppose I could go find the body, if you want, but we really should be leaving now. You’ve made quite the stir here. We need to get you back to Sescoria where Abolish can protect you.

“Really? But I was holding back. I only killed a few dozen people.”

Yes, but that is more than enough to make national news. And if it makes international news, then the Vanguard’s aberration hunters will definitely come to investigate.

“Well, if that is the case, then I might as well just devour the entire city before they get here. There are at least a hundred thousand people in this city, right? That should make me quite strong, yes?”

No! If you do that, they’ll send their very best warriors! Which would ruin all of our plans for Atreya!

“Bah. Fine then.”

If you want to eat an entire city, then we’ll arrange that for you somewhere safer.

“Mm, okay. Oh, but before that, I need to go back to Brighton and tell my grandpa that I will be leaving with you.”

Your grandfather, huh? What’s he like?

“He has a reaper, too, actually. Why don’t you come with me to meet him? He is a lot of fun. I am sure you would like him.”

Hmm. Alright. Lead the way.


Hector pulled into the parking lot and hopped off the bike. He eyed the address on the far corner of the building and double-checked Colt’s text message:
delroy. 8133 sampson st. life/death. keep them safe
He left the engine running and ran inside the outlet store. Garovel followed.


  1. Okay Frost, time for the next question that you may or may not answer:

    Are Aberrations subject to aging? If not killed by some un-natural means, is it possible for them to simply live indefinitely, constantly growing stronger? Could the whole soul-devouring process possibly add time onto their lives?

    And with the body count numbers being thrown about, I couldn't help but remember a quote:
    One death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic.

    Might come in handy when we're following Geoffrey around. Gives us some odds to bet on.


      They are subject to aging, of course, otherwise Geoffrey would look like a newborn baby rather than a nineteen year old. As for the other two questions. HMM. CURIOUS.

      I'm familiar with the quote. It sounds real nice and memorable, but personally, I think that it's bullshit. Tragedy is not a game of numbers. It's a game of context and understanding.

    2. Well, the alternative to him not looking like a newborn could be because the life form has to progress to past the infant/larval stage to a mature form (is he even done "growing"?). There aren't really anything in real life that can last indefinitely for me to use as an example, but the best I can come up with are some types of trees that will simply reach their growth limit and will just sit there. It's not exactly age that will kill them, but there are plenty of other things (Aberrations not being one of them).

      There are still more questions about the Aberrations. We know that they were made from reapers, and from just the simple explanation, it would sound like they will ultimately return to being reapers upon death, but there is still a lot of unclear things about the whole death perspective. This also ties into my earlier question about whether or not Aberrations could still be revived by reapers.

      Finally about the quote:
      This is actually something that has been addressed in some other stories before (sometimes rather humorously since it seems like something that would otherwise ruin a story's pace). It makes a nice line when you want to make fun of the whole bureaucratic process. On the other hand, it isn't really a problem to mourn just one death. However, one million sudden deaths would either mean nukes or zombies, and if comic books teach us anything, it is that one leads into the other. In that scenario you don't have time to mourn since you have to go through with the whole boarding up your windows thing.

  2. "But I was holding back. I only killed a few dozen people."
    I think that is my new favorite Geoffry quote.

    1. Ha. I'm still quite partial to, "How much do you like your nose, exactly?"

  3. Y'know, as much as I like Geoffrey, I really hope he does fuck up and devour a city, just so I can seem h get eviscerated by Vanguard.

    And I knew Colt must have sent a last text. How he was able to? *shrugs* I dunno

  4. Is hector going to be a daddy now? Please don't send the kids to foster care, please don't send the kids to foster care.

  5. Sebastian KnightJuly 12, 2015 at 4:02 PM

    Couldn't it have been his first text, I don't believe that it was shown.