Friday, September 6, 2013

Page 227

They spent considerable time near the local police station. Garovel wanted to scour for information, and after a while, they learned of an apparent resurgence of activity in the Rofal family.

I doubt they’re talking about Geoffrey,’ said Garovel. ‘He doesn’t seem like the very organized type.

Who do you think could’ve stepped in, then?

No idea. Perhaps we should follow up. I heard someone mention there being a suspected drug den a few kilometers from here.

Tell me where to go.

Soon, Hector had another ten thousand troas in small bills. He considered dropping it off at a homeless shelter or some such place, but Garovel told him that stolen drug money would attract dangerous attention to whomever he gave it.

Part of him expected to see Geoffrey pop up out of nowhere again, but even after a few days of attacking various Rofal cash houses and business fronts, Hector never saw the aberration.

He did not enjoy wondering where Geoffrey was.


Jeremiah Colt looked over the wall of baby food another time. His cap and sunglasses hid his face pretty well, and his dark beard was finally starting to come in.

He’d already bought diapers, baby powder, and a fresh bottle for Stephanie. Some guy with a mohawk had smacked her old one out of Colt’s hand when he asked about the nearest place to find milk. Perhaps the guy was just trying to impress his friends, but when Colt saw the bottle land in a pile of dog shit, he made the guy swallow his own teeth. The guy’s friends weren’t very forthcoming with information, either, but Colt eventually found the local grocery store on his own, anyway.

Baby food was perhaps the trickiest part. Stephanie seemed to like applesauce, but only certain brands, and Thomas’ preference still seemed completely inconsistent. Compounded with varied pricing and purported nutritional value, Colt always ended up spending a good twenty minutes trying to decide.


  1. it's nice to see this side of Colt

  2. Wow Hector goes in search of Rofal dens. I kinda called that

    "Jeremiah"...? *tilts head to one side* Ok. And it's been months since he last saw Hector and his beard is *finally* coming in?! Wuss! But It's cute seeing him all paternal.

  3. I love the way Colt just injects an anecdote about making a dude swallow his own teeth into a chapter about buying baby food.